Monday, August 8, 2011

bye bye swing video

Sorry that you have to tilt your head to watch this video. LOL!!

Bye Bye Swing

We can't keep up. She is growing so much, every time I turn around it's something new. She's either growing out of her clothes, the bumbo, and now...the swing. I went to get Macy up from her nap one day and this is how we (me and Abby) found her. video to follow


If you want a bite, raise your hand.

Gymnastics, part 2

Katy is such a great friend to come and help out at Gymnastics while Daddy was out of town. I was hoping that maybe Abby would try more of the circuits with her there. Although that didn't happen, we still had fun. :)

The teacher is the girl in the green. Abby would slide down backwards on this instead of rolling down it. LOL!! Obviously, the teacher was not impressed.

This was so cute. The teacher raised the bar so that all the kids wouldn't be able to reach the floor with their feet. Notsomuch. My sweet pretty tall girl thought this circuit was easy!! LOL!!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Abby Calls Granny

Sometimes I wish I had cameras in my house to catch things that I miss. Abby had pulled a chair up to the counter and decided she would get the phone and call Granny. Before I started videoing her, she was saying "Hi Granny, watcha doin?, I'm fine, Oh really?" Then she would laugh as if Granny said something funny. Just precious. Above is the little bit of the "conversation"she had with Granny.


Not sure that Abby will be the next Michael Phelps, so we tried Gymnastics. She was definitely the prettiest little girl there.

She would try anything that didn't require her flipping or rolling over in any kind of way. Here she was supposed to put her hands on the little hand stickers and her feet on the wall. She tried it once and put one foot on the wall and refused to try it again.
She loved the trampoline, but wouldn't actually let her feet come off the trampoline, unless you were holding her hands and pulling her up. She would just bounce with her knees.

"Can you hold me please?"

Daddy and his baby girl

Daddy tries to help.

I should have taken a picture of her on the "balance beam". She loved it!! She also loved when they would sit together and sing songs. All the other circuits were not her favorite. LOL!! Look for more pictures to come of our Gymnastics adventures!

All pics taken 6-6-11

Little Swimmers

Oh my goodness!!! It doesn't get any cuter!!!! Here we are at the Athletic Center renewing our membership so that we can enjoy the pool this summer.

Sweet Girl
"Let's do this!"

All pics from 6-5-11