Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Months Old!!

I will say that I'm a little emotional writing this post. It could be just because she hasn't felt good lately and I'm running on little sleep. And that this is one of Stan's busiest work seasons and he has been gone alot. But I think it's really just sitting here and trying to figure out where has time gone? She's already 4 months old!! One thing that she has taught me is time is precious. Our time with her when she is awake is precious. Our time with her when she is asleep is precious. Away or together, time is precious. We'll never get these 4 months back that we've had with her, so I need to enjoy and soak up (and blog) every moment!

Here's her 4 month old pictures! Stan took the first two for me on the 19th, her 4 month birthday. But because he couldn't get her to smile, I tried to the next day as well. But, Little Miss doesn't smile at the camera, only when you put it down! Here's our best efforts of two days worth of trying!!

Stan tries.....

I try....still no real smile.

This one contains what we call "the lip." She gives you "the lip" when she wants to get her way. It works.

Mama came over yesterday to watch Abby for me while I got some things done. I went to Babies R Us, went to Target, got us all lunch, washed bottles, washed a load of clothes, dusted the TV and Stand, cleaned up the kitchen and put together her Exersaucer. It was wonderful!

Here's a picture we took during the day. I love her little tongue!

Mama was keeping my nephews on Saturday so she brought them with her. Right when they walked in, Drew picked up Abby's little dog and started playing with it. She thought it was so funny. I've only heard her laugh a couple of times. I've never seen her do this. It was so sweet! Drew gets all the credit. Ever since they left, I've been dancing around with this little dog and she just stares at me and looks at me like I'm crazy.

Besides her sweet little giggles, you can also hear Caden in the background talking about Luigi dying. We weren't paying attention to him, we probably should have been!
This one is shorter. Please don't get distracted by my manly laugh.


hwagnon said...

Too cute. I saw these this morning and couldn't believe it. So great to hear her sweet laugh. Can't wait to see her in person. Love you guys!

Tess Jones said...

Such a cutie, her little laugh is sweet! Love the jeans with the flowers, just got Madison's in the mail. And yhe pout is so funny, it win us over everytime too!

Melissa said...

I love her little giggle and the way she throws her head back when she laughs. So precious!