Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa!

We made a trip up to OK to wish Papa a Happy Birthday!!

MK loved the little book that Aunt Lou was reading to her.

COUSINS wearing fake fingernails, aka marker lids.

Last day of school

The last day of school is so bittersweet for me. Another year has come and gone and these girls are growing up so fast. Abby's last day was so fun for her. It was "Water-Splash" day as well. :) She got to wear her swimsuit to start off the day!
Macy Kate ready for her last day as well. :)

love her.
Sweet Ms. Kelly. Abby had such a great year and grew so much creatively. Ms. Kelly, Ms. Jen and Ms. Donna were wonderful! She still asks sometimes if she is going to go and see them. She gets so confused because her school is at our church and over the summer it's just staff care. She doesn't know who her teacher will be from day to day! lol!!!

Sweet Ms. Adrianne. She was Abby's teacher when she was a baby and we were lucky enough to get to have her be MK's first teacher!! MK loved her!! Notice the sweet tears in her eyes. She's loves my babies and we love her. She is actually not going to teach this next year and home school her kids. Although our school will losing a wonderful teacher, her kids are getting the best one! We love you Ms. Adrianne!!

Last day of school treats!!

We are enjoying our summer thus far and looking forward to a new school year in just a little over a month. I can't believe the summer is almost over! :(

Bye Bye Bumbo

It's been a couple of months ago now, but this was taken on the last day that she "sat" in her Bumbo. Sweet Legs.My little girl is growing up so fast.

Our last swim lesson

Enjoying a treat before her last Swim Lesson

She is always such a happy baby.

Stan was running late so the teacher, Miss Kaitlyn, worked with Abby. She got special teacher attention during her last lesson.
"Can we just talk instead of swimming?"

"Hi Mommy, I got all the ducks!"

Elbow, Elbow, Belly, Knee. This is how you get out of the pool. Getting out is Abby's best swimming technique. LOL!

Swimming to the ducks

Sweet girl! She wanted to swim so bad.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Joann & Sal's Wedding 5-21-11

My sweet friend Joann married her high school sweetheart, Sal on 5-21-11. Erika, Liz and I have waited YEARS for this day. She was a beautiful bride. Such a great day!

Since Macy Kate didn't have a date to the wedding, I told her I would share mine with her.
Liz, Christie, Erika, Joann, Charity, & me

I seriously think that Erika could have a part-time job as a live "Dora the Explorer" and get paid to attend little girls B-day parties. She's Dora all grown up....beautiful! :)
Here we are! Our friendship is going on 10+years now.

The Bride!!

Pretty girls


Here are some of the girls and Sal, the lucky Groom.

MK and Daddy

Here's Chris and baby Benny. The dad's were on baby watch as us girls took pictures.

Me and my sweetie

Such a fun night!

Congratulations Joann and Sal! May God bless you with a lifetime of joy together!! :)

More Swimmers!

"Just hold me Daddy."
"But, I don't wanna kick."

Here's a couple of videos I took during our lesson on this day!

I'm so lucky....

to get to see this smile everyday!!

Who says these girls don't look alike, look at those eyes!!

Abby as Tinkerbell

No these were not taken last Halloween. They were simply taken on 5-18-11, a random day in the month of May that she insisted on being Tinkerbell. I told her it wasn't dress up day, and she didn't care. So, off to school we went, as Tinkerbell. LOL!!

Here's our Tinkerbell

She said, "can you put my hair up high?"

So cute. She wouldn't let me take any more pictures, so we are just limited to these. She was the cutest Tinkerbell I've ever seen.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great-Great Granny

Here's Macy Kate and her Great-Great Granny. (my dad's mom)

Just FYI, MK is wearing Abby's shirt in this picture.

"Come Back Balloons!!!"

On Mother's Day this year, we went to my parents' church in Terrell. After the service was over, they had a Balloon Releasing Ceremony. They had information about their church on each balloon and would wait and see if they had anyone contact them back. They have done this before and actually had someone contact them. So, here we go.

As they came out with all the balloons, I knew this wasn't going to go smoothly with my sweet little balloon lover. At first, she loved it!! There were what looked like hundreds of balloons.
Here's Macy and Nana watching everyone get ready to release theirs.


Here they go!!

Up and Away

'Hey, Come back Balloons!!!"

"Oh no!! Come Back."

It was kinda neat to see all those balloons be released, but I was a little sad for my little balloon lover. This was not a good idea according to her.