Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random phone pics

Believe it or not on this day, I was loading the dishwasher and turned around and thought I was going to have a heart attack!! This girl crawled up on the table and grabbed a Dr. Pepper and tried to gulp it down. Oh my Goodness! She keeps me on my all times!!

Andrea gave her this little hat last year and she loves going into her closet, grabbing it and putting it on. Little does she know it's 135 degrees outside.

How sweet is this picture!! She loves to climb up in her cousin Drew's lap and watch him play the PlayStation/Nintendo/whatever he plays. She loves it! She's even stolen a couple of little Mario figures from Caden. I think she just needs a little reminder of the boys here and there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our favorite thing about the summer is the POOL!!!

"let's go!!!!"

"Are you coming or not?"

She kept pulling her hat off and I kept putting it back on.

Swimming makes everyone thirsty!

"Don't even think about taking my cup away from me."

Nappin by the pool

We have a membership to our athletic center and love to go swimming on the weekends. I used to love laying out in the sun just relaxing. No time for laying out for me anymore. I'm chasing after a little one now. I'm constantly watching her. She's wants to go down the big slides, swim in the big pool, and pretty much do all the things the big kids do. She's such a sweet little handful at the pool!! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Washable Markers!! :)

This girl loves to color!

Look at those sweet toes.

"Okay, maybe I'll put the lid on the marker now."

Please notice the paper on the floor. She was supposed to be coloring on this while I was making supper. She obvisously had another plan in mind. :)

Corn anyone?

Before you get too excited, no my sweet girl would not actually eat the corn. But, she would lick all the salt and butter off of it and was sooooo happy doing so! :)

Swimming with Christopher - Abby Style

Abby showed Christopher how she likes to swim in her little pool. Swimming with Bubbles!! In her eyes, there is no other way. He wasn't too fond of the actual pool, but loved the water hose!
"See Bubbles, See Bubbles" that's all she kept saying! :)

This was how they "swam" the majority of the time. LOL!

Christopher is thinking, "Um, excuse me. I don't think you need anymore bubbles."

Sweet boy

I love this picture. This was the first time that she got on her little pink horse and actually rode it. so sweet. Plus, I love the back of her little swimsuit. :)

Thanks for coming over and playing with us!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Looks like it's more Pink for us! :)

Sorry this is late, but I don't feel as bad because most of you readers already know our sweet news. We are having another little GIRL!!!! At first glance, her profile looked just like Abby's, but now I'm not so sure. Take a look for yourself. Click here to see Abby's first sono pics.

Sweet Baby Girl
If you still can't see anything, tilt your head to the left.

It's another profile shot.

If you still can't see it then, just stare harder.

If you can't see her by now, then I'm sorry.

It's amazing how much your heart grows just hearing the news, "It's a GIRL!"

Monday, June 14, 2010

20 Weeks along with Baby #2

We are actually 21 weeks along now, but this picture was me at 20 weeks. We find out on Wednesday if it is a boy or a girl. I can't wait to finally know! My feeling is that it is a girl and Stan's feeling is that it is a boy.....we shall see. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

$4 Pool and $.25 Popsicle = F-U-N

On Abby's last day of school, I bought her a little pool to enjoy. It was only $4 and I was hoping to be able to sit in it with her. The picture on the box REALLY misrepresented the truth. This pool is TINY and is only big enough for her and maybe a foot of mine. I also got us (yes, us!) some Popsicles. YUM YUM YUM. She ate hers in the pool, which was extremely helpful when it came to clean up time. Because by then, there wasn't any clean up time; she took care of everything for me in the water. :)

Please notice her water toys: a magic bubbles bottle, a rain gauge, and a plastic cup.
No need for me to buy her anything fancy.

Afterwards, it was time to dry off and and wait for Daddy to come home. Here she is playing with my phone. She has her own Dr. Seuss app.

When Daddy arrived, she wanted another "sicle". I caved in and got her one. Little did I know she would eat his too. 3 Popsicles in one day!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last days of school

What a great year it has been for our Abby!! She absolutely loved going to school. Here's a few pictures I took on her last days.

Abby with her chalk artwork.
Her scribbles are the green scribbles.

Here's a little journey on how we would get inside the building each morning.
1. Crawl up the step - with no help from Momma.

2. Crawl down the step - with no help from Momma - and admire your pretty shoes.

3. Stop and notice the kids playing on the playground, saying "Play Play Play".

4. Won't walk up the ramp or the steps. Chooses to go up the middle step, that your not supposed to walk on.

5. Sees a small little blue sofa and decides it looks comfy.

6. Takes a second to admire the blue pleather.

7. When we finally got to her room, her class wasn't there. And we were off again to try and find the group.
Thank you Ms. Adrianne, Ms. Ann and Ms. Laura for a wonderful year and for taking such good care of my sweet Abby.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Phase 10 anyone?

Abby, what have you been up to?

What's stuck to your foot?

Here's the real damage.

Yep, Phase 10 cards everywhere. At first, I just heard her yelling. As I got closer to the kitchen, I noticed the cards EVERYWHERE. She was yelling because as she would walk over the cards, they would stick to her feet. LOL!!

Thankfully, her Daddy picked all the cards up for me. But within days, here's what I found again. are going to be in big trouble.
"What, I didn't do anything?!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

She's 19 months old....almost 20 months old

I know, she's about to turn 20 months old. But at least I did take the pictures on the day she turned 19 months......just took me a while to post them. :)

I took her pictures in the back yard to show off our of new fence that Stan, his dad and my dad assembled together. :)

My sweet girl!

Precious girl - I'm not as good at these monthly write ups as I want to be. Not only am I late, but I feel like I'm always in a hurry. :( But, I'll write a quick little note for you. You are growing every day. Your hair is getting so long. Your daddy keeps asking me when are we going to cut it. I keep responding, we're not! This month was your last month as school. I hope that you have as much fun with me over the summer as you do at school. You are our little will say anything we say. Some things good, and some not so good. LOL!

I love you angel! - Lots of blog posts to complete so I better go. love you, Momma