Friday, April 23, 2010

Easter in Edmond

We headed to Edmond for Easter this year. Our nephew, Wesley was getting baptized. It was a sweet day for everyone.

Here's our family Easter picture

Little Miss in her sweet Easter dress
"Granny, where are my eggs?"

Congratulations Wesley!!

Aunt Jenny got to read this book 100 times. :)

"Come on Daddy, we need to find my eggs!!"

"Okay, here's one!"

"and another one"

"Look Momma, here are my eggs!!"

My sweet little Easter Bunny

I love love LOVE her giggle!!!

The Grandkids

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lovin her Chips!!

Here's the Video that I tried to post earlier this week!!

Take me out to the Ballpark!

We started our Easter weekend with a day at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark. The Rangers were playing a game there and we headed out to see them. If you don't already know this, Abby's Daddy is a HUGE Ranger fan. We had a great time and it was Abby's first time to see this neat little Stadium.

Our attempt at a family photo

She loved sitting in the chair by herself. What you can't see is me holding the seat down so that it didn't close up on her. :)

We never go anywhere without her snacks.

This picture doesn't capture us accurately at all. I have no idea why I have this crazy grin on my face and Abby is frowning. It was exactly OPPOSITE that day. Abby saw the mascot, Daisey, miles away and was screaming and reaching for her. We waited and waited until she came up the aisle to get the picture. She just had to meet her!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lick the Chip clean!

This pregnancy has just wiped me clean of any energy. Therefore, the blog has been put on the back-burner for a while. I had a few minutes tonight and thought I would try and post an update. I have so many pictures to post, but these just couldn't wait.

Abby isn't really into eating chips. She'll take a bite and spit it out. But this girl LOVES licking the salt off of Fritos and licking the cheese off of Doritos. I should have learned my lesson, but this day I had the chips on the lower shelf in the pantry and Little Miss found them. I took a video of it, but it's too large to post on the blog. (If anyone knows how I can shrink it down let me know)As soon as I saw her, I ran and got my camera to video her. I, seriously, could NOT stop laughing.

Abby, what's in your mouth? I took the bag away, but she is still going at it!
Oops, one is stuck to her foot. :)

Oh my, look at that little hand.

This was the face I got when I told her it was time to stop licking and let's get clean! She thought I was crazy.

She wouldn't even look at me as I tried to clean her up.