Thursday, October 29, 2009

The evidence.

Stan noticed the other day that there were chunks missing from his Sports Illustrated. I wonder what happened?!

Abby, is that magazine pieces I see?

Ummm, Abby. What is hanging from your chin?

Just because you pulled it off your chin doesn't mean that you didn't do it. You left a piece in your other hand and on your chest.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My new hat!

Thanks Jess for my new hat!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ummmm Abby....who's gonna pick those up?

I'm in the kitchen cleaning. I yell, "Abby, where are you?" No response. Again, "Abby, where are you?" No response. Not even a little giggle like she does when she's under the table and wants me and my big self to crawl under there and get her. So, I go to our bedroom closet. She's usually hiding in there eating my red high heels, I know it's gross, but true. Not there. So I head to her room. Trust me, not many places in our huge mansion to hide in. On my way, I hear what sounds like a little mouse in the bathroom. Yep, it's a little mouse all right. Abigirl thought she would pull out all of the Q-tips out of the drawer for entertainment.

Here's my little mouse sitting in all the damage.

She takes a break to read the label on the lotion bottle.

Right when I saw this, I ran and got my camera. I took a video of her. This was taken before she even knew I watching. Hilarious!! I hate that my memory ran out on my camera before I finished the video. But it's still funny!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Party Wrap Up!

We threw Abby a Birthday Party on Sunday. Yes, her Bday was last Monday, but who cares. Everyone needs more than one day to celebrate their Bday. She had two parties and a week full of Birthday fun!!

Here were her sweet little cakes!

Here's a picture of some of the decorations. I put on display all 12 of her monthly pictures.

Here's the birthday girl with her Nana. She wasn't too thrilled about the hat and it looks like she's telling Nana all about it!

She was constantly pulling the hat off and I was constantly putting it back on! :)

Oh dear. And yes, Christopher wasn't thrilled about his bday hat either! :(
Presents time!
Yes, the football game was on the whole time.

One of her favorite gifts. Minnie Mouse!
She immediately gave her kisses.

Abby took a small break from opening presents and went to grab Nana's phone. I hope it still works. Please notice that she is chewing on the phone in this picture. Don't worry, I kept going. I love opening presents, even if they aren't for me!

I love this picture!!
Doesn't she look sooooo pretty!

She wasn't too sure why we were all singing to her.
But I think she LOVED the attention.

Just like a princess, she ate the cake bite by bite. Barely even making a mess. She even used a fork a time or two.

Daddy and his little One Year Old!

Mommy and her little One Year Old!!

Abby, are you One?!

Oh goodness, I still can't believe she is One. It still makes me sad to think about it. The dr told us at her last appt that she needs to be off the bottle completely by 15 months. He's killing me. Seriously, she's my baby. She already changes so much day by day. And now he's forcing me to make her grow up and drink independently.'s to more years full of happy tears.

Friday, October 23, 2009

She's 12 months old!!!

Here's her stats at her 12 months appt:

Weight: 19.6 lbs, 25%

Height: 30 inches, 90%

Head: 17.8 inches, 70%

My sweet Abby:
I can not believe the day has finally come where you are 1 year old. Monday was bittersweet for me. It's so exciting to watch you grow up, but I'm sad that it's all happening all so fast.

You are so much fun these days!! Your daddy taught you how to fake laugh. Everyone needs a good fake laugh. Yours is GREAT! You have a mouth full of 5 teeth and show them in your smile is the sweetest thing. I think you think that is how you need to smile these days, because you do it all the time. Gritting your teeth is the new "no" in our house. It gives your daddy the chills every time you do it. I'm just afraid you are going to break them off.

You are not walking yet which is great for me. But you are still really fast with that crawling. I can open the laundry door (one of the rooms you are not allowed in) and I will hear those little knees and hands crawling as fast as you can to the laundry room. :) You will pull yourself up on anything and stand there and look at me. I just don't want you to walk yet. That's just one more "baby" thing that you are releasing as you grow up.

You wave and say "Hi" all the time now. "Quack Quack" and "Oh Wow!" are two of your new sayings. Your teachers told me that you talk all the time. Much more so than the other kids. (I'm not sure why?) You talk so much that you refuse to take a nap or eat your bottle for them. You like to eat your finger foods because you can socialize as you eat with your friends.

Sweet girl...I know that we will have many many more years together, but I can never get this year back. Thank you for one of the most exciting years of my life. The joy you have brought me is amazing. I love you dearly!! - forever love, your Momma

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abby wants MORE!

I've been working on sign language with Abby for awhile now. And she learns it at school too. Usually she will just look at me like I'm crazy when I sign something. But, it's working folks! Abby wants more!! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday PJ's

She stands now with no hands, ALL THE TIME!

And she "sings" the Itzy Bitzy Spider.

Sweet Sweet Birthday Girl!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Day B-Day Wish!

Today is my sweet girl's b-day!! (Another blog coming soon today!) As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Good Day with Fox4 News in the mornings. They will be airing Abby's picture on Friday morning to wish her a Happy Birthday. I was a little late getting them the photo so Friday, October 23rd will be air day.

Therefore, I had to have a little photo shoot with Abby to find just the right picture to have them show. Here are some of them:

And the winner is........

So watch for Abby's picture during 7am-9am on the Channel 4 Good Day News on Friday, October 23rd!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abby's Birthday Party at Granny and Papa's

Our family in OK threw Abby a little party for her Birthday while we were visiting last weekend. It was so cute. We ended up staying almost two days longer than expected as we ALL got some type of stomach bug. All better now and celebrating our little girl's big day!

Daddy was trying to teach Abby how to blow out the candle.

"Yum, chocolate!"

Oh dear. Little Miss Mackenzie definitely enjoyed her cupcake/icing.

Excited about her presents.

Perfect little bow holder.
It's says Abby's first words, Giggle-Giggle.

Thanks Granny and Papa for EVERYTHING.
Especially for taking care of us all while we were sick.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls

Abby went to her first Birthday Party. It was a party times THREE. The triplets turned One earlier this month! :)

Here's what it looks like to eat cake times THREE!

And here's opening presents times THREE!

Here are two of the party attenders!

My sweet giggling girl.

Happy Birthday Girls!!!! Thanks for inviting us.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pops' Chicken Pin

Abby loves it when her Pops makes the "chicken noise". She thinks it's so funny. We took her out the other day to see the "real" chickens in the chicken pin.

Pops was asking Abby here if she wanted to pet one.....gross. (video below)

The little cowgirl is admiring all the stinky chickens.

This is the EXACT reason why I do not eat chicken off of the bone. GROSS. They walk in their poop all day long. That chicken leg you folks eat, call it the poop leg and eat away! yuck.

Andrea and I were more scared of the chicken than Abby was. LOL!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Date Night Slippers

We took advantage of our "Parent's Night Out" at our church earlier this month and had a Date Night. We dressed Abby in her PJ's (hoping she would go ahead and fall asleep for them.....who were we kidding) and her SLIPPERS! I love these little bunny slippers.

"Hey, where y'all going? Wait, I don't even care...I'll go!"

"All right, just let me down and let's hit it."

"Wait, I need to take this with me."

"Mommy, you're funny, Yes I do need this!!"

"Okay, I'm ready to go."

Close up of the Slippers!!! so sweet.

We had a great time on our date. It was hard to drop her off, but she was fine as she ended up holding hands with a little boy in the stroller all night. Although, she didn't sleep at all for them, she was out like a light when we got her home. :)