Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We have so much to be thankful for everyday, but this Thanksgiving we have our sweet little Macy Kate to add to the list.

Drew and Macy (I love her facial expression here) LOL!!

Caden and sweet Macy

Just had to get some shots in her "Little Sister" outfit!

This was the best out of like 15 shots we took to get all the Grandkids photo. We actually were trying to get the photo for Mama so that she would have a new Grandkids photo to update her facebook profile pic. :)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Stan was out of town so when Mama called me at 10:00pm on Friday night and asked if I wanted to go to FF with her on Saturday, I said yes. It was very last minute, but last minute is how I operate these days. We even got back in time for Mama to watch the girls for me while I got a much needed highlight and haircut.

Here was Macy Kate meeting Great Granny Jewel for the first time.

Macy was so content just laying on Granny's shoulder.

Now here's trouble!

Macy and her Great Aunt Cille

Macy and her Great Aunt Dobber and Great Aunt Rena in the background.

The Great Grandkids and Granny

Four Generations
Thanksgiving 2010 was a success. Lots of food and family. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Macy is One Month old!!!!

Here we go!! Let the monthly photos with the Dog begin!! :)
"What does that sign say Momma?"

I put her in a onesis so that I could show off her chunky legs. :)

Like Abby, I'm not sure she is crazy about the monthly photo session.

Our sweet little angel
Dear Sweet Macy:

You are officially one month old. I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how big my heart has grown. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I just can't imagine how big God's heart is to love us all so much. You melted my heart the day you were born. As you and I were in the room together, alone, I gave you back to God. I know that you are just on loan to me, you are officially his. He loved you first. I'm so honored to be the one he picked to be your mommy here. I pray that I do what he calls me to do in raising you and do it well. I only want the very best for you sweet girl.

Two days before your one month birthday you started smiling at me. Now, you smile all the time. The dr was right, that when you start smiling and cooing it makes those colicky nights go by much faster. I pray your little body is healed from this colic. You are just so uncomfortable when it strikes.
I love to watch you with your Big Sister. She is adjusting so well with you around. She is so sweet to you. She loves to sniff you and pat your little head. You just stare at her all the time. You are never bothered by her yelling and she isn't bothered by your crying. I pray that you two will grow up to be the very best of friends. I love you both so much!! Here's to many more months to come! I love you sweet girl!! - love, your Momma

Tummy Time.... :(

This is not our favorite exercise!!

It's okay sweet Macy, Abby never liked it either and she can hold her head up just fine now. :) I'm not gonna force you to do it.

"No Cheese Face"

Me: Abby you have cheese on your face.
Abby: No Cheese Face

Me: Abby, here's a wipie. Wipe the cheese off your face.

Abby: Mommy! No cheese face.
I don't know why she didn't believe me when I told her she had cheese on her face. The pictures prove that I was right! LOL!!

Granny came to save us!

Stan has been traveling some this football season and Granny came down to save us. Macy has colic. :( Therefore from about 5pm until she finally gives up and goes to sleep, she cries. It's miserable on everyone around. Except for Abby, Macy doesn't seem to bother her at all. :)
"Hey, that's my hat, it's not a shoe!!"

"Why does she always smell me?"

"Is she gonna get me again?"

"She's got my hat again!"

"Granny, Pick Me Up!"

"No More Kisses!"

"Thank you Granny for holding me so much when you came down!!"

We love you Granny!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

We present to you TINKERBELL!!

Tinkerbell is our new love in our house. Therefore, who better to be for Halloween this year than the sweetest fairy ever.....TINKERBELL.
Tinkerbell didn't have a wand in her movies, but this was too cute to pass up at Toys R Us. And Abby, loved it.

She didn't go trick or treating, we just dressed her up and stayed home. Too hard to manage with Macy this year. Here she was checking out the sidewalk to see if any kids were headed our way.

No, Stan didn't dress up as Josh Hamilton....this is how he dresses for EVERY Ranger game. They were in the playoffs that night.

He would only pass out candy in between innings. I had to do it all the other times the doorbell rang. Speaking of when the doorbell rang, each time a kid would ring it, Abby would start yelling, "Kids! Kids!" and off running to the door she went. It was hilarious. Now anytime anyone rings our doorbell she starts yelling "Kids! Kids!" :)

Once Abby woke up the next morning, she immediately started asking for her wings. So, to the closet I went and pinned them on her. :)

The clothes pin worked for most of the morning.

Love this Girl with Wings!

Wings, Wand and PJ's is how she spent half of the day!

Halloween 2010

Homemade Snuggie

For a brief second there the weather cooled off and Abby would want to be bundled up in her chair and eat her breakfast. She looked so precious in her "homemade" snuggie. If I would have thought fast enough, I would have got out the REAL snuggie from the closet and let her try it out. I'm sure she would love it too.

Macy's first bath

"I'll help you Mommy!"
She was getting in trouble for taking the drenched wash cloth and slinging it around the bathroom. Looks like here Stan caught her right before she was about to sling it again.

Sweet girl. She did pretty good for her first bath!! :)

Here we were a little cold.

Still cold.

Much better. All snug in our jammies.

Over all the first bath was a success. Plus, I had a little helper right by my side. :)

the CLAW

This is Macy's version of The Claw!
Way to Go had a GREAT season!

My bed!

You gotta watch this one....she will climb herself right up into the little snug 'bed' aka boppy that I make for Macy Kate quick.

"What Mommy?" "Watch show?"

"Ummm....lemme think. No, I'm not gonna move."
After she finally moves out of Macy place this is what you'll find. Her patting little Macy's head. Saying "easy, easy" the whole time.

This is one of the sweetest pictures.

Sweet big girl Abby!