Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abby's 1st Ranger Game!!

We took Abby to her very first Ranger Game on July 4, 2009. I'm sure she will go to hundreds more in her lifetime, but your first is always special.

Here's Abby and Daddy about to enter the game.

Our sweet family, slowing melting away.

Pops stayed with Abby inside the restaurant.
Oh dear, is that Diet Coke on her lips?!?

While we were cooling off, we ran into Jim Knox. I feel like I know this man. We see him on TV like every night. Notice my face as Abby is trying to EAT his microphone! LOL!!

Abby was excited about her first little "celebrity" appearance.
She was telling Nana all about it.

Stan and his little girl.

Abby and I had to go up and sit in the empty handicap seats for a while. We needed some air. It was so hot!

Here were Nana and Pops at their 1st Ranger Game too!

I think by this point, she was delirious. She would bury her head in my chest, then bounce up and look at everyone with the stare of death for waking her up. She did this 6-7 times in a row. It was priceless.
"Awwwwwhhh, Water!"

I absolutely LOVE fireworks. Abby loved them too. It was neat to watch her look up at all the big lights.

Other than the heat, me spilling water all over the guy in front of us, Abby staying up 4 hours PAST her bed-time, we had a GREAT time. She was just exhausted and hungry by the end. We probably could have done without the ride home in the car and the stop-and-go traffic and the screaming child in the carseat. But, we survived and will have the memories forever. Here's to many more Ranger Games Sweetheart! Mommy and Daddy love you!

4th of July in Gainesville

We started our 4th of July holiday this year by making a trip to Gainesville for my dad's family reunion at the lake. Abs wore the perfect little lady bug outfit.

"Mommy, do you think I'll need my brush?"

As soon as we got there, it was lunch time. Fried fish and hush puppies for us. Baby food was on the menu for Abby, but as you can see, Nana had other plans. I'm not sure what it was that she was feeding her. By the look of it, I don't think David knew either. ;)

Here they are, "The Little Rascals".

Abby loves to hear Pops make the "chicken" sound.
I'm not sure what he was saying to her here, but she looks so interested.

Yep, proof that even Pops was feeding her things he wasn't supposed to.

"Okay Nana. I'm ready the lake!"
"Bring your Sonic, I'll drink it during my swim breaks."

We had a great time seeing lots of family, some that we hadn't seen in a while. And for some, it was their first time to see Little Miss. As kids, we would come here each 4th of July. I used to look forward to swimming and playing in the lake. As a mom now, the lake isn't all it that anymore. It's more work for me. More clothes, more sunscreen, no nap, fear of drowning, gross lake water, etc.
All in all, it was still fun and we had a good time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Consumer Alert!

Do not buy these!!

Notice anything.....

Look harder...
They are speaking the truth when they say "mega" rolls. But the wonderful "mega" rolls won't fit in my toilet paper stand. Nor in the holder on the wall.

So frustrating. I go to use some toilet paper after I finish my business and I'm there for 10 extra minutes tearing off toilet paper square by square, because it's so tight on my wall holder that it won't come out. My recommendation, stick with the regular size roll.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have so many blogs to post, but as of right now...this one is the most important. She Crawls!!!

I had her in the living room floor on her blanket this morning. She was playing and watching her Mickey Mouse Cartoon. All the sudden, I looked up and she was on the opposite side of her blanket by the couch, reaching up for my purse. I thought, how in the world did she get over there? Duh....she CRAWLED!!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe this. Our house is no where near ready for this little crawler.

I decided to make a few phone calls to brag on my little crawler, which then I didn't even see her crawl, but I knew she did. I was so excited for her and I could tell she was excited to. So then I reached my arms out to hold her and she crawled right into them. It was AMAZING!!

I knew last night she got into my purse and starting eating my receipt from dinner. I didn't know that she would try to go for that receipt in my purse again. But little Miss Determined wanted it and crawled right to it. Then to my arms just minutes later! My sweet little crawler!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

9 Months Old!!

I've taken a bit of a blog break over the past couple of weeks, but now I'm back. No better way to start back blogging, then by Little Miss' 9 month old blog. I know I say this every month, but I just can't believe she is now 9 months old. Her monthly pictures are getting harder and harder to take. She's so active these days.

Here's my sweet girl!
"That's right folks.....Nine Months Old!"
Oh my goodness, she loves loves LOVES this bear. I keep it out of her reach at all times because she will take huge bites out of him and end up with a mouthful of hair in her mouth.

Yes, she has him by the ear. poor guy.

This moment was so sweet. His hair kept tickling her nose. She would bend over to love on him and come up laughing.

Oh yeah, she decided to throw her hat off over her crib. She thought it was hilarious.

And here she goes again.....after the sign.

My sweet sweet girl with a swirl.

My sweet Abby:

So much has happened over the past month. You stayed at Granny's and Papa's for a whole week while Mommy and Daddy went to FL. It was definitely much harder on me that it was you. We found TWO new SHARP discoveries in your mouth. Two precious teeth. I will say that I was sad when I saw the first one. Just another reminder of how you are growing up. Oh, and yep, you are just days away from crawling. You're almost there. I'm just not ready for you to be mobile yet, but I guess I better get there. You're such the little talker. You have little conversations with your toys and just jabber away with me while I'm in the kitchen. You can clap your hands and love it when I sing "Patty Cake Patty Cake" to you, even though I forget the words to that song everytime. You shake your head 'no' at us when we try to feed you and you don't want to eat. It was funny at first, now I'm wanting to get my hands on the person that taught you that. At first I didn't think you really knew what it meant, but now I'm convinced that you do. And I'll end with one thing that your daddy thinks is so sweet, it's when you look at us and scratch your little head with your thumb nail. It's like you are scratching your head and wondering how in the world did you end up with us. It's so stinkin cute.

Precious girl, Oh how I love you!! You are such an amazing example to me everyday of God's love for me. I love your smile. I love your laugh. I just flat out love everything about you!!

Love, your Mommy

PS. Here are your stats from your 9 month appt:
Weight: 17.6 lbs, 25%
Height: 29.3 inches, 97%
Head: 16.9 inches, 25%
Overall: A+

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pick your Favorite!

I know I'm a little late in posting these, but they are toooo cute to not post. Leave me a comment with your favorite picture. All pictures taken by, you know who,














I put a strawberry in her little fruit eater and this girl went to town! She loved it. I had to take her clothes off because I'm quickly learning what gets messy and what doesn't.

Some things are so good that you just close your eyes and eat!

"Mama, want some?"

"And I just need some water to wash it all down."

Here was my strawberry dessert! It was just as yummy as Abby's.

It was hilarious watching her eat and enjoy sucking the juice out of not one, not two, but THREE strawberries.