Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy "birth"day Macy Kate

Macy Kate Wagnon
Born October 21, 2010
at 12:26 pm
Weighing 7lbs and 6oz
19 inches long

I literally have like 500+ pictures to go through. Stay tuned for more posts. But bear with me, I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Day She Turned 2

I will say that when October 19th rolled around, it was a bittersweet day for me. I was actually quite happy that baby Macy Kate didn't come on her day. But sad, that the only baby I had at the time was turning 2. Time has flown by so fast.

Here is our last bear pictures. She is tired of taking them and we all know that she is much bigger than the bear now.

Neither of these pictures turned out great, but that's okay. They are the only two I took on her bday and since they will be her last, I had to post them both!

Sweet Abby......Oh how I love you!! Happy 2nd Birthday! You still don't really understand birthdays, but for me, this is such a special day. I will never forget holding you for the very first time 2 years ago. I think I will celebrate this day with you every year. We will call it "your" day, but in my heart, it's "our" day.

Your smile, your eyes, your giggle, the way you talk, the way you walk....I could go on and on about the things I love about you. All of which are perfect. You are our perfect little gift from God. He was so gracious to us to loan you to us.
I love you sweetheart! Happy 2nd Birthday! - love, your Momma

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bye Bye Paci

Dear Paci -

You have been such a great friend to me over the past 2 years. You have comforted me when I needed it, been there to help me sleep all night long, and been a great friend when I have been bored. Mommy and Daddy have decided that I'm now too big to have you. I already was going without you during the day, but they finally took you away at bedtime too.

I'm a big girl now and don't need you. But, I'm keeping you around because Baby Macy Kate will need you soon.

Good Bye my friend -

Hooray for our big girl Abby!!!

Lets go Rangers

38 weeks Pregnant with Macy Kate

Here I am - "Large and In Charge" LOL!!!
38 weeks along
At 38 weeks, I was still dilated to a 3 and 30% effaced and I have gained 24.6 lbs. I gained 25 pounds when I delivered Abby so 25 pounds was my goal. I'm not sure that Macy is ready to come out. 4 weeks ago, I was certain that she was. But now, no. She has snuggled herself right where she wants to be and has no intentions on speeding this process up.

NOW, that I'm 39, going on 40 weeks ,I've gained 26.8 lbs. I feel GIGANTIC, ugh....I hope all of this weight comes off! My goal was 25 pounds, we have passed that number so little Macy's time! Now, I'm worried that the longer she is in my, the BIGGER she will get. I mean come on, how big is she going to be. LOL!! We are going to be induced on Oct 27th, 3 days after my due date. I didn't take my picture on Sunday when I turned 39 weeks, so I'll just take it this coming Sunday at 40 weeks. I know all you blog readers are looking forward to seeing that! :)

2010 School Picture Day!!

I still get a little emotional thinking that my little baby girl is now in the 2yr old class at school. :( But that's life, they must grow up and we must have picture day to prove how big they are. so sweet.

Here's Abby before we left for school in her picture day outfit!

She carried that comb and handful of cheerios all the way to school.
My sweet girl!!

When I picked her up from school, her hair was a DISASTER!!! Pig tails were all over the place and the bow was no where to be found. My immediate response was "please Lord, tell me her pictures won't look like this." The teacher came up to me and apologize for the way she looked and said that unfortunately her class was the LAST class to have pictures made. All the kids in Abby's class were crying by picture time because they hadn't eaten and were all ready for naps. That's when I'm sure Abby acted out and pulled the pig tails and bow out and the poor teachers tried to fix it. So much for the cute little outfit. TRUST me, you wouldn't have even noticed the outfit due to her hair. She said she "thought" Abby's turned out pretty good. At least that's what she told me anyway. As I was leaving, I heard her tell another mommy that her daughters pictures were not going to be the best....she cried the whole time.

The next day THANKFULLY I dressed Abby is another cute outfit because the teacher told me they were going to try and re-do the pictures.

Here she is on Picture day #2.

So Granny and Nana, who knows what the 2010 School Picture will look like. We shall wait and see! :)

Lizzy's Baby Shower

My sweet friend Liz (in the blue shirt) is expecting a little boy in November, a Thanksgiving baby. What a great Thanksgiving gift I thankful! Anyways, and we threw her a baby shower at the beginning of October. None of my pictures really even turned out, but here's one of all of us hostesses.

Please look at my stomach, SERIOUSLY! And that was 3 weeks ago!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

36 weeks...aka 9 months

Here I am at 36 weeks, 9 months. I'm not sure really why people lead you to believe that you are only 9 months pregnant when you have a baby. You can actually be 10 months...40 weeks!! And trust me, since I was spoiled and delivered Abby at 35 weeks, these last few weeks have been miserable!

36 weeks

I'm actually 38 weeks now, dilated to 3cm and 30% effaced. AND, still have a baby inside of me. I'll try to post an updated picture of my belly tomorrow. Hopefully, I won't make it until tomorrow and we just go ahead and have the baby tonight. LOL! I know, wishful thinking!

Ride the Horsey

If you sit on the floor for any length of time, Abby will crawl on your back and want to "Ride the Horsey". And don't expect her to hold on....she's won't. Either she's not afraid of a thing or she is just very trusting in the "horse."

Veggie Tales Live

Uncle Ronnie was able to get me 4 tickets to Veggie Tales Live recently. We decided to take our dear friends Jennifer and Danny. The little ones were so cute. Abby is about 6 months older than Danny, but age doesn't bother Danny any. :)

The show was at Prestonwood and we had the kids pose for a picture out by the fountain. Neither of them could focus on the camera because of the water.

Sweet Danny waiting on the show to begin. The church was so full that we had to sit upstairs in the balcony. But we were able to sit on the end of a pew so that we could leave as we needed.

Sweet little blue eyes

Danny was so cute. He would dance and dance to the songs.

My sweet girl

There's Bob and Jr.


The babies had enough of the show. Even though they both loved it, we left during intermission. They had such a great time. I hope they grow up to be great friends.

Thanks Uncle Ronnie you made two little ones very happy this night!!

Band Angels

Aunt Sarita gave Abby a box of Band Angels. They are the most precious little band-aids that have angels on them and the verse Ex 15:26, "For I am the LORD who heals you". Little did I know that we would need a Band Angel within days of receiving them.

Abby was playing with her little Mario (the one that she stole from Caden) and somehow or another thought she would put him in the lamp. Somehow she touched the light bulb and burned her finger. I think this would be our official first major accident. She was hysterical. At first, I couldn't figure out what had happened. She kept screaming "Mario", "hot", "light". I put all those words together to only assume she put Mario up in the lamp and touched her finger on the hot light blub. poor girl

Her finger immediately blistered up. She really needed a band-aid on it because of the blister. So, to the box of Band Angels we went.

"soooo cute" she said.

I told her to show me her finger and she would hide it and just look at it for herself. Poor girl, it still hurt her so bad she would just hold her finger and whimper.

Good news is the Band Angel must have made it all better. Within 15 minutes, the band-aid was off and she back to her normal self. :)

Macy Kate's church shower

The girls that I work with threw us a sweet little shower for Macy Kate. We got so many sweet gifts and lots of perfect necessities....diapers and wipes! :)

Here's a picture of the snack table!! Yum!

Ms. Ana, Ashlee, Laura, Tana and Katy!

Pam, Shelly Karla, Ms. Lois, Joy, Ms. Robbie & Elaine!

Ms. Judy is in the center of this picture. She was one of the ones that did most of the planning/decorating. So sweet!

Jennifer, Cheryl and Karen!

These girls were so sweet to love on me at the shower. I'm so blessed to have a wonderful job that I love and precious women that I work with.

Macy Kate's First Baby Shower!!

Jessica and Liz threw me a baby shower for our sweet Macy Kate. It was so sweet to be able to be with my closest friends and family and oohh and ahhh over all the precious little girl stuff. :)

Here's a quick family picture before we headed to the shower.

My little Abby was so good at the shower. I think she knew that she looked cute so she knew she needed to act cute too.

Who took this picture? Was the goal to cut our heads off and just get the food? One good thing about this picture is you can't see all my pregnancy chins.

Here were the preggo's at the shower. My friend Liz is due this Thanksgiving. Me! My cousin Leslie is due at the beginning of December. And my BFF Jessica is due in March.

Most all of the pictures turned out blurry for some reason. My camera is crazy. But here are a few of me opening gifts that were okay.

The outfits just seemed so small. Hard to imagine the baby being that small.

Erika, me, Liz, and Joann. We took a girls trip to Miami like 7-8 years ago. I love sweet friendships that last forever.

We were blessed tremendously at the shower. Thanks to all our friends and family who were able to join in with us. These are all the pictures that were on my camera. I may do another post when I get the pictures that Jessica (the professional) took with her camera! stay tuned for that post :)

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Drew and Caden had their 2010 Birthday Parties last month. Caden turned 7 on Aug 25th and Drew turned 10 on Sept 25th. It's so hard to believe how fast they are growing up. The party started off at Andrea and David's house with pizza, presents and cake. Then we all loaded up and went bowling. Well, not me, I chased Abby around the bowling alley the whole time. :)

Here they are opening presents!

Yes, that's Abby sneaking in the living room to get what she wants as they open it. First, it was the balloon.

Next, it was another balloon. She didn't even care that the balloons were giving her static electricity in her hair. :)

Then it was a package of balls, that she insisted on someone opening for her even though they were NOT hers.

Mama and I gave them these Kung Fu Panda ZuZu pets. I think that's what they were called.

Baby Drew is 10!!! :(

Oh Caden. LOL! Andrea said that he likes to wear the white tanks underneath all of his shirts now. But all that he does is take the outer shirt off and just wear the white tank. His cheesy smile and shirt make this picture a keeper forever!! LOL!!

Abby is trying to convince her Daddy to open something else that she found in the boys presents that she can't live without.

They look so thrilled. LOL!!

Happy Birthday Boys!
Your favorite Aunt in the whole wide world loves you both so much!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

She'll only be 23 months for 12 more days.....

so I thought I better get this one posted.
She really does love this bear. Although you couldn't tell that from last months photo shoot.

This is Abby's favorite seat in our house. On top of the pillow! She sits there all the time and watches her shows.

This is the fake smile I kept getting. And notice she would turn her face towards me, but her eyes were still on Minnie Mouse.

Daddy came over and tried to help me get her to look at the camera. She said, "hmmmmm, let me think about it."

And her answer was no. That's okay though. I can't complain. She's healthy, happy, sweet and 23 months old!!!