Monday, February 28, 2011

Macy's first day of "school"

We call it school, but it's more like "play school" or "can you just watch her while I work a couple of hours and I'll be back down to feed her school" AND we love it!! She was supposed to start Feb 1st, but due to the TX Winter Snow Storm, we started a week later.

All dressed up and ready to go!

She's getting excited!

And even more excited!!

Even Abby was excited for her. "It's almost as fun as this car seat toy!"

When I found out her main teacher was going to be Ms. Adrianne, I literally screamed. I was so excited!! Ms. Adrianne was Abby's teacher last year and is a wonderful teacher. Although in Macy Kate class they pretty much just hold, rock, and coo at the babies, Ms. Adrianne is the best holder, rocker and coo-er around!! :)

It was a little difficult on Macy at first, she didn't quite understand why I was leaving. She hasn't really stayed with anyone very long without me being around, but she's learning that I'll be back. I tell her she's my job. I have to come back or I'll get fired. It's been a couple of weeks now and she is getting better. I still nurse her so I think they just remind her when she starts to get upset, that I'll be right back. :) literally. When they call me, I'm down there in 2, 3 minutes MAX. :) It's perfect!

Love our school!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Snow Day....actually Snow WEEK!

Once I finally get caught up on my blogging, I take a break and I'm behind again. :( Back in February, it SNOWED....So much that schools were out all week long! We were going stir-CRAZY in the house all week. Now, don't get me wrong, we all love each other like crazy. But this week, we had about all we could take of one another. Plus, we all got sick. Yes, we were all in the best of moods. :)

This is what my house looked like by the end of the week. Tent, tunnel, musical gym, dirty clothes, you name it and it ended up in the living room.

Look who we have here! And yes, she is watching Tinkerbell in her tent with her sister.

One looks at the camera, the other turns her head.

We were running out of things to do. So we grab some toilet paper and made two little mummy's. Not that you would think so with these pictures, but she loved it at the time.

And off it came, within a matter of seconds, of getting it on.

Don't forget little Mummy #2.

Abby wanted to help unwrap her as well.

This is a constant saying around here, "Abby, please don't get in her face!"

Finally we decided to take the girls outside and see if we could build a snowman. By "we" I mean "Stan" build us a snowman.

I love how the snow is our yard was perfect! No feet print, nothing. Perfectly white snow.

Before I knew it, he was already jumping in it making a Snow Angel. I think he started to feel that jump the next morning. ;0 hilarious.

We left the door open because MacyKate was inside, in case you were wondering. Abby's prepared with her snow kitchen spoons for digging and a cup.

Man, look at this Angel!! She's beautiful!

Dig away, sweet girl.

Perfect back yard!

Daddy made her a snow ball while he was making our Snowman!!
Watching her in the snow was so cute!

Daddy and his girls!!

Couldn't have fun without this little cutie too!

Heehee....he makes me laugh so much. He was dying making this snowman. He kept complaining that he was out of shape. Then he started taking his coat off because he got hot. I just kept giving him my encouraging laugh the whole time. :)

I'm not sure why he was complaining so much with this little helper! He could have built 3 more with her! :)

Oh this one so so much! Look at that tongue!!

Adding the finishing touches

The Wagnon Family Snowman of 2011. (and probably the last one we'll ever make again)

She's ready to make another one!

Please Daddy, I'll help you!!

Looking at her shadow!

And before I knew it, she pulled a Stan on me and flopped down on the snow! LOL!!

Abby!! LOL!!

No need to make a snow angel, she IS a Snow Angel!!!

It was a long week.......we survived!! And I'm sure we will be praying for this to come again when it gets 105 degrees this summer! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wait a second....

Is this a clean plate I see?? YAY for you Abby, you ate all of your lunch!! I was so so so proud of her. Abby is not a good eater, well, like every 5th day she is a good eater. On this day, I saw this clean plate and praised her and praised her. And she rejoiced with me. Until.....

I go to put something in her room and see this.......

Then I go to the bathroom and see this.......

I called her to both places and asked her what this was. Both times she replied, "Pretzels! YAY!!" :/ Ps. Don't you just love how both are grouped by shapes and in a somewhat straight line? LOL!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Christopher!!!

Christopher turned 2 on January 21st! Here we are celebrating with him at his party. Turning 2 is kinda a big deal!! :)

He wasn't too crazy about Jessica holding, as he says, "MacyCake".

Abby decorated our gift sack for Christopher!

Dressed up and ready for the party!

Me and my girls!

Please smile.......

Uncle David would be proud. Abby would leave the party and go to Christopher's playroom and start singing and playing the piano. I got a couple of videos of her performances below.

Such a performer!

And she's out!....he hadn't even started opening presents by this point.

Cake Time! Christopher blew out all of his candles all by himself. Such a big boy!

We asked Jessica to open our present first so we could leave. We were all exhausted and it was past our nap time. Of course, Abby had to assist him.

Little Miss Helper

Buzz Lightyear - she LOVED did he! :)

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Jesus Loves Me" until someone walks into the room and she stops singing.

"Lone Stranger" with Daddy singing backup!