Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Macy's room...under construction

We worked on Macy's room this weekend. We have only bought three things for our sweet 2nd child. Her crib, her dresser and her rug. That's it! ugh.....there's so much to do and buy! Anyway, we decided that it was time (with 9 weeks to go) to get the dresser and crib put together. We started it Sunday afternoon during Abigirl's nap. The moment she woke up, she was ready for her snack and then to be a little helper.

Here she is enjoying her snack.....bread-n-butter pickles. She doesn't even eat them, she just sucks all the juice out of them. :)

We had finished the crib while she was sleeping and were starting on the dresser. Here's the crib!

Look at all this mess! It's so hard to clean out a guest room. The guest room is the perfect place to put all that stuff that you don't want to give away. Here's what's left of my pile.

Daddy's little helper

She called this her house.
It's two drawers not yet finished.

She loved putting the screws and bolts into all the holes she saw. I think she'll be an engineer or something smart like that when she grows up. :)

"Wut Mommy?"

Helping away!

We finally finished putting the crib and dresser together and I spent most of the day Monday cleaning out the rest of that room. Lots to give away and lots to stash somewhere in the attic. Believe it or not, I really feel like her room is coming along now. It's a bare-bones baby room, but it's what we have for now. :) I'm gonna have to get pink cushions for the rocker. The wooden rocker worked for Abby, so I'll make it work for Macy. Although my dream would be to have a glider.

I was a little disappointed when I realized that the crib and dresser are not the same color white. Even though they are made by the same company and made to go together. UGH...oh well. Not much we can do about it now. And yes, we will eventually hide all those cords and the Internet box underneath her dresser.

Here's her sweet closet. I even went through Abby's preemie and newborn clothes and hung them up. I got teary eyed during the process. I can't believe I'm about to have another baby and my current baby is wearing 18 months. It was so hard to imagine her wearing those itty bitty outfits (and those used to be too big for her). :( And yes, those are all the 0-1 size shoes and socks that Abby had. I need to get a closet organizer thingy to put them in.

Lots more to do, but I feel good about what I've accomplished!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to the plain jane blog...

Due to the fact that my sister can not view my blow with the cute side bars from, I'm forced to go back to the plain jane one. I tried to spice it up, but it's not working. If anyone wants to update my blog for me for free, let me know! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Macy Kate in 3D

We had a 3D and 4D sonogram a few weeks ago and here are a couple of pictures that were too cute to not share. :) Hope you can make them out. We don't have a scanner so a picture of a picture will have to work.

This is the same picture as above.

Here's our sleepy little girl with her hand by her face! :)

Just realized that we only have 9 weeks to go. Abby was born 5 weeks early. I'm kinda freaking out a little.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Eight, "Bye Bye Waters...Bye Bye Beach"

This girl loved her some "waters and beach". She even one night told Stan she was going to the beach and went to open the front door. She, still to this day, asks Stan if she can go to the "Waters and Beach".

She also loved the showers around the pool to wash off the sand. She would want me to turn it on and then she would fill up her shovel and pour the water in the pool. As if there wasn't enough water in the pool already. But, by the time she got to the pool with her shovel full of water....her shovel was always empty. :)

She didn't feel the need to take a nap on the last day, until right before we were leaving. Therefore, the paci was a necessary item at the pool. Here Daddy is WAY more excited than Abby.

She loved to count and jump into the water, into Daddy's arms. It was so precious. I have a video below of it.

We finally convinced her to take the paci out of her mouth, but she wouldn't part from it from her finger. Here she was "jumping" away. :)

My two favorite people!

It started to sprinkle on us so we decided it was time to go. Abby thought it was time to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

It wasn't long after this picture was taken that it really started raining and my mom wrapped her up in a beach towel. Within seconds, I mean seconds, she was out like a light. She was exhausted! Our vacation had finally wore her out.
Bye Bye Naples! It was fun while it lasted, until next time!

Here's the video of Abby jumping into her Daddy's arms in the "waters".

Friday, August 20, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Seven, Family Pictures

Oh me....Oh my. The family beach picture. I had just such high hopes for these. I talked about it everyday and finally on our last day, we took them. Remind me next year to plan just to wear sunglasses or take the pictures in the evening. My eyes are so sensitive, it's ridiculous. I couldn't even look toward my mom taking the picture without crying. ugh. Oh well, LOL! At least we have the memories and cute outfits on. :) Who says every picture must turn out perfect?!

Take One...
Take Two....we faced the opposite way to see if that would help. You decide. LOL!

Take Three: I'm delirious at this point. Do I think Stan is the one pregnant in this picture? Why is my hand on his belly?

Take me out of the picture and we get a cute shot. :)

Abby and I had to kiss. Anything but look towards the camera.

I'm just looking at the beach and smiling. LOL!

Here's another of us NOT looking at the camera. I told Stan to just take the picture and maybe it would be cute. LOL!

The sun was soooo bright. We were hot and sweaty and then we finally just gave up and hoped that one of these would turn out. Well, not as good as I had hoped for. It definitely wasn't funny then, but now I'm laughing as I post the blog. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Six, Anniversary Date

Stan and I celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary while we were on Vacation. It was so great to have my mom with us and watch Abby while we went out on a much needed date. It was at this very table that we named our sweet little girl, Macy Kate.

I look horrible in this picture, but it is what it is. ;)

Stan took a couple of belly shots for me after dinner. I was 6 months pregnant here. I'm 7 1/2 now and quite a bit bigger.

6 month belly shot

We walked along the beach and just enjoyed each others company. This couple walked by and we had them take our picture. There was hardly no one at the beach. So peaceful. So perfect!

Happy 4 year Anniversary Sweetheart! I love you!

Naples Trip: Part Five, She loved the POOL

Just another day at the pool....with her toes in the water!

She thought she would just reapply her own sunscreen.

UGH...the storm clouds. They came and went everyday.

This was her constantly at the pool...on the move. From the kiddie pool to the big pool. Back and forth, back and forth!

I think she was just trying to make me feel better by pretending to play with the beach toys I bought her. She didn't really care for them at all. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Four, the ZOO

We woke up this morning and got ready to hit the ZOO!! I just knew Abby would love it as she has such the sweetest love for all animals!

When we arrived, we quickly realized that this may not be as joyful as I had hoped. The humidity level had to be at least 94%. It was miserably hot and put us all in a not so joyful mood. I was having to ration out how much juice I was giving her. I didn't want her to down it all in one sitting and us still have half of the zoo to visit.

She actually did pretty good overall. We didn't see as many animals as we had hoped for. Like most all trips that I've made to the zoo, all the animals were either sleeping or in a nice cool shade and they wouldn't come out to see us for nothing.

One of us in our family has a fear of birds. Not this girl. She definitely didn't get that trait from him. She walked right up to this duck and tried to give it some of her juice.

Here she is again. She wouldn't leave the poor duck alone.

We decided we should take a little water boat tour to see more of the Zoo. Please remind me to never do this again. Stranded on a boat for 30 minutes, you couldn't walk around, Abby yelling at us to get her out, we were this guy's first tour......ugh...should I go on. It was terrible! I mean look at her little sweaty face, she was miserable.

The one thing that did amaze us about the Naples Zoo were the trees. This tree was HUGE. On our way out, Daddy and Abby posed for a picture for me.

We came home and Abby quickly told Daddy that she wanted to go to the Beach and to the Waters. So off we went, with a powdered donut in one hand and a bubble maker in the other.

These sand castle toys weren't as big of a hit as I had hoped for. But for $3, I think she enjoyed them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Naples Trip: Part Three, the PIER

We visited the Naples Pier one night after dinner. It's a historical marker in Naples. It's this long pier that you can fish off of or just enjoy the sunset like us. We heard that you will most always see dolphins out in the ocean. So we headed out to see what all the fuss was about. The sunset and ocean were very pretty. But I was afraid Abby or myself was going to get "hooked" by all the people trying to fish. And these people weren't just fishing as I know it. Their rods and hooks were gigantic....I think they were trying to catch some dolphins.

Here was Abby making me nervous. She would run along the pier, but I just knew she was going to trip and fall off in the ocean and we would have to dive in after her. I think she just like the freedom of running!

Our sweet growing family!
Here I am about 6 months along with Baby Macy Kate.

Finally after being there long enough, I was able to catch a dolphin on film. They were quick. The dolphin is that black dot in the water. :) I had tons of pictures of just the water where I knew I was trying to take a picture of a dolphin and it kept going under water when my camera would decide to work.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Naples Trip - Part Two, We've Arrived!!

We woke up the next morning and headed to Naples, FL!! Our hotel room wasn't going to be ready until that afternoon so we decided to kill time and go to a public beach. Here's my little beach lover! Well, I say that but she didn't really want to go in the ocean and would not walk at all in the sand. LOL!

Me and my sweet Abby

Abby and her daddy
notice how she is carefully watching the "waters"

Our room was finally ready. We stayed at the Edgewater last year and loved it so we knew we would love it again this year. But, what they didn't' tell us was that we were not staying in the renovated side! Oh well, it worked but we now know if we ever stay there again what to ask for. i definitely had to have an attitude adjustment. :)

Here was our view from our room......nice.

But, here was our view from our balcony! Loved it!!