Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Today was such a great day!! I got so many text messages, voicemails, phone calls, emails, facebook comments, etc. wishing me a Happy Birthday. Thank you to everyone who remembered. And to those of you who didn't remember, don't try and say that the email didn't go through or the phone lines were down.....just admit it, You Forgot! It's no big deal though. If I haven't already, I will probably very soon forget yours too. ;)

Jessica and my Baby Christopher came over to give me Birthday hugs. We took a group shot. This is the first picture of us four. I'm sure we will have millions more as our two little ones grow up...and get married. But here's our first BFFw/kids shot!

Then, we tried to take another one, like we always do. Ya know, just in case the first one didn't turn out. And look what we got. Abby screaming her head off because I took her paci out of her mouth and Christopher being such the stud and winking at the camera. (Don't you just love his hair?!! Stan accused Jess of already putting product in it to style it. He's only 9 days old!!!)

Jess brought over such a little treat for Little Miss. A PINK paci like her favorite green one!!!! Look how excited I am?! :)

"Abby, do you like your new paci?" I think that's a Yes!

Baby Christopher couldn't leave without Stan getting his hands on him. What do you think folks, think he's ready for another one????

Here we are before my birthday date.

Notice there are no "after" birthday date pictures. We are both exhausted!! We took Abby with us to the restaurant and she wanted everyone there to know she was in the house. She cried and cried. Then we get her home and she cries and cries. We lay her down, she wakes up and cries and cries. Poor girl, she wasn't into celebrating my b-day much today. She's sound asleep now and I'm in a hurry to hit the sack as well.

Thank you sweetie for my birthday date! Thank you for my picture frame from Kirklands. And thank you Abby for my jogging stroller! I KNOW you are not giving me any hints that I need to hit the pavement. ;) Just kidding, that's exactly what I wanted! I LOVE IT!! Love you both like crazy!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear Miss Paci,

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. You've been so great to have always been there to help me fall asleep. You were there when I would cry. And you would never get aggravated with me, even though I would pull you out of my mouth a 100+ times a night and Mommy would have to find you for me. Although you have been so good to me, I need to confess that I've found a new friend........

my right hand!

I'm not quite ready yet to replace you, but I needed you to know of my new friendship. Some people make friends with their thumbs or first fingers. Me, I love the whole hand. It fits perfectly in my mouth and it feels funny when I chew on it. I'll make sure you know when I'm ready to move on. But for now, I need you both! love, Abs

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just another day in the Musical Gym

"Momma, do you have to take my picture everyday?"

My response, YES!! And just for that I'll take a video too. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

That's so Raven

Each morning as I'm getting ready, Abby will come into the bathroom with me and quietly watch Fox 4 News. Today she was watching That's so Raven (with the little girl, who is not little anymore, from The Cosby Show). She was so into it. I couldn't even distract her.

I love this picture! This is her giving me one of her super long blinks. :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look how sweet he is!!!

Abby and I went over to Baby Christopher's house to give him some of our love. He is just precious!!

Here's Little Miss posing for the camera. She only smiles now when you take the camera OUT of her face.

Two Proud Aunts

Jaelan and I thought we would try and show how big Baby Christopher's hands were compared to Abby's. TRY is the key word here.


and Again....

and Again.
Anyway, you get the point. His fingers are longer than Abby's. He's got great Guitar Hero fingers.

He just melted my heart away. He was so warm and cozy. He didn't even care that we would accidentally call him a SHE a hundred times or more. We were so used to SHE because of Abby.

He loved him some Aunt Jaelan!

Jessica's nephew Aaron was sooooo excited to meet his new baby cousin. Christopher was getting hungry here and Aaron thought it was funny.

He thought he would give it another shot and hold Abby this time. She didn't care. She LOVED his glasses!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christopher is Here!!!!!!

Weighing 8lbs and 21 inches long. He's here and is cute as a bug. Jessica and Matt did great!! I tried to take some pictures with my phone but I can't get the uploading to work. So, pics to come soon!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

3 Months old today!!

I know, I know.....I should have waited until Stan came home to take her 3 month pictures, but I just had to do it while she was dressed up. Needless to say, they aren't her best, but they are from today and she is asleep now. So, no retakes!

This girl loves her right hand!

Yes, Abby, he has a foot just like you do!

Bath time is so cute these days. She finally fits into her robe!

This is just extra for my faithful readers. Here are the letters that I made for Abby's room. I finally finished them this weekend. I painted them red and added sparkles and bows. Nothing less for my little girl!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Abby's first art project

They used her footprint to make the snowman. Her foot is so long and skinny, it makes the snowman look like he's melting. Melting snowman or not, I'm gonna keep this FOREVER!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Daddy's home!!!!

"There he is!"

It was so sweet to watch her when he came home. She immediately looked up at him like "Hey, I know that voice."
But, some things don't change, she still thinks he's crazy!

Where is he???

"Nana, have you seen Daddy?"

"Okay, today's Saturday, where is he?"

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Four without Daddy!!

"Good Morning Daddy!!"
"Mommy says you'll be here TOMORROW!!! We go to school today for a couple of hours, then to Nana's house to spend the night. Then we come home tomorrow to see you!!"

"Look how big I'm getting. I'm almost as long as my changing table."
"I'm wearing my sweater that Jessica gave me, it's just like Mommy's blue one."

"Mommy changed my poopie diaper this morning, but she's not nearly as funny as you are when you change it."

"I'm tired. I was up from 1am - 3am looking for you.
Then I got mad and just decided to get up again at 5am."

Hurry home to us! We love you!!
PS. Dont' forget to bring us home surprises!! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Three without Daddy

"Daddy, what state do we live in? Why is it so cold?"

"I told Mommy that I would give the sparkle paci a try today....only a try. I'm not promising anything."

"Do you have my green paci?"

"When you come home, I need you to hug, hold and kiss me. Mommy can't. She says she sick."

"I don't even know what 'two more days' means. Are you Ever coming home?"
We love you!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Two without Daddy

"Daddy hurry home, but wear a hat because Mommy says it's cold outside."

"Why does she insist on always taking my picture?"

"Daddy, please save me!"

"Okay okay, here's one small smile."

Hurry home!! We miss you!!