Monday, September 27, 2010

Macy Kate's Maternity photo shoot!!

Of course, these were all taken by Jessica!! She did such a great job!! I hate it that I'm finally getting these posted. Warning: there are tons of pictures below!!

My sweet girls!

Abby loved the slide!

Towards the end, Abby was getting restless and we were running out of Smarties! So, Stan decides to sing and dance for her. I love this picture. Notice the sippy cup in his back pocket.

Believe it or not, it works! She loves to sing with her Daddy.

Every picture can't be about my belly.....Jess had to get some of just Abs too!

just precious

I love her eyes!!!! :)

Jessica was taking a couple of pictures of just me and we looked over and Stan was going down the slide with Abby. He definitely enjoyed it more than her!

Oh yes.....he thought this was hilarious! "Jill, just poke your belly through this whole and have Jess take the picture." Needless to say, I didn't think it was his best idea.

She had to take the picture standing on top of the park bench in order to hide my CHINS!

Running out of juice, running out of let's try crackers!

This is my favorite one. :)

Thank you Jess for taking all of these for me! You'll know never how much I love you for letting me take advantage of your talent! I love you!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

8 months Preg with Baby Macy Kate

It's hard to believe that she will be here before we know it. Stan took a few amateur shots of my belly when I hit 32 weeks. I'm now at 35 weeks (the exact time that I delivered Abby). Here are some belly shots. Enjoy as much as you can. I'm getting bigger by the minute!

Of course, another flower in her hand.

I love the expression on Abby's face in this shot.

I love the shoes Abby is wearing. Another jewel from the Mackenzie Collection. :)

Besides picking the flowers in my yard, the next thing Abby does outside is head over to the neighbors yard to "try" and pick their flowers.

Sweet Girl.

Abby's first day of school

It was that time again, time for school. Abby goes to school at our church. Tuesday - Friday from 9am-2pm. It's perfect because I only work part-time and I work at the church while she is in school. This year was a little harder for me. One reason was that they kept calling her class the two-year old class. She was only 22 months when she started, why were they trying to age my baby. :( We had a great "meet the teacher" and started to feel better about the whole thing. She started on Sept 1st (yes, I know this post is a month old)

Before we left for school, we headed out front for pictures. As usual, she has to pick a flower or two when she walks out the door.

I love this little fake smile she's been doing lately. I'm sure it will get old soon enough, but for now, I love it!

I got her a back pack for school this year. I didn't want her to be the only kid in the "two year old" class that still carried a diaper bag. She looks so big to me with it on.


There were so many people in the lobby that she got a little nervous about what we were about to do. And yes, I use her stroller to carry everything in the building. She walks.

"I guess I'll go in Momma. But this pack-pack is too heavy"

Right as we walked in, she headed straight for the Music class. She knew right where everything was and was so excited. I had to inform her that she only goes to Music on Thursdays and Fridays. Her response was to walk out in the hall and throw her pillow on the floor.

Here we are......the Hug Zone. This is where you hug your sweet baby and they let them walk into the classroom all by themselves. I'm getting emotional thinking about it.

She was trying to act sad for me. Right as she walked in, saying no no no no the whole time, she walked right over to the coloring station and started playing.

She had a GREAT first day at school and has already learned so much in the past two weeks. She really loves it. Even though when I pick her up, she has to start "pretend" crying to make me feel like she has had a horrible day.