Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Cupholders

The best thing about this new carseat is the Cupholders!

You can store things in socks!
"See Mommy. I just keep them there. It's convenient!"

"I love my "sock" holders."

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sleeping in the Carseat

This is how she used to sleep in her car seat. Nice and cozy and laid back.

This is how she now sleeps in her car seat.
No wonder she doesn't like it. :(

That's right, she's reach yet another milestone. The Front Facing Carseat. She looks like such the big girl in it to me!

Why carry just one Minnie when you can carry two?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hobby Lobby Christmas Ribbon

I said below in a post that the best part about a gift was the Ribbon. This reminded me of the Hobby Lobby Ribbon episode we had. I let the pics speak for themselves.

Look how innocent she looks. Christopher, what is that you have tangled yourself in?
That's right, he somehow found a way to unroll the ribbon and tangle himself in it. With time, Abby finds a piece and joins in!

You can't leave these two alone for even a second!

And yes, Jessica bought that ribbon. It was easier than rolling it all back up and trying to put it on the shelf with no one looking! ;)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bye Bye Snowie OK

Like I said, we had to wait until the snow storm settled down a bit before we headed up to OK. Once we got there, I didn't leave the house until we left back for TX. Here's what it looked like as we were leaving. There's at least a foot of snow on the ground.

Yep, this is the street to leave the neighborhood.
COVERED in Snow and Ice!!

Believe it or not, but the highway was fine. I have never in my life see that much snow. It was beautiful, but cold! I was ready to get back to TX......only to find out that it would soon enough be only 12 degrees (wind chill 1 degree) here! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas at Granny and Papa's

When we finally made it to OK to see Granny and Papa, we had a great time! Here's our yearly Christmas pic in front of the tree. We decided to take it before everyone else got there so that Abby would pay attention....or somewhat pay attention. We allowed Reggie to join our picture because Abby loves him so much!

Here's Jenny and Mackenzie
Here's Jenny's group
Or in her words, The Brady Bunch!!

Abby and her little bud, Reggie

This was sweet. This was the first time that we didn't have to convince her to open a gift. The present was sat in front of her and without anyone telling her what to do, she started opening it!!

Obviously, the best part about presents is the ribbons!

I love love love this!!! We gave Mackenzie some tennis shoes and I was able to take a picture of her running to Jenny to show her the shoes. She was so excited!!

Here's Stan about to open our "Santa" gift. We get a "Santa" gift every year. He got his first Santa in 1994 and we have them all over our house at Christmas time. You can see the Santa on the box. This year, the Santa gift came with another gift. A Wii!!!!! We were so excited. He hasn't stopped playing it! He is trying to get to be a Pro in all Wii Resort Sports.

Me and my sweet girl

It eventually was time for bed, but she had to break out some of her new bath toys and start playing. Anything to not have to go to bed at Granny's.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our little Snow Bunny

The weather was so bad in OK that we stayed the rest of Christmas day at our house and decided to wait until the next to head up. So, we took our little Snow Bunny outside and enjoyed the snow and our chimenea.

We love this little girl so much!

Our Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Abigirl!!
We woke up Christmas morning and had to take Abby to the living room to see what Santa brought her. She was so good this past year, I couldn't wait to see what he had in store. Her stocking was full of goodies. A Minnie Mouse soccer ball, pink socks, fruit strips, a jingle bell bracelet, movies, and little people figures were all joyfully packed in her stocking.

Then he also went all out and got her a Newborn Surprise Cabbage Patch Kid. We couldn't tell if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl so we had to hurry and open the box. :) Mommy was more than excited to find out.

Here she goes, we are unveiling the sex of the baby!
We are proud to introduce the newest little Wagnon Family member.........

It's a girl!!
According to her adoption papers, her name is Fernanda Fabiola.

Then it was off to see what Mommy and Daddy got little Miss. We decided to set the tradition to give her 3 gifts because on Jesus' birthday he received 3 gifts. And today, we celebrated HIS birthday.

Her first gift was a little people Nativity Set. She loved it!!

She got clothes as her second gift and the most precious boots ever as her third.

Here I am with one of my gifts. My Dustbuster!! It is fabulous. It's better than a dog, it doesn't need to be fed, just charged!

White Christmas 2009

After coming back inside from the snow, and for the rest of the day, Abby was loving on Fernanda. Every time I turned around, she was hugging her and giving her kisses.

Fernanda came with her own bottle. We feed her often.

And we even try to drink the milk that is in it. LOL!

Every year of Abby's life (all two of them) Stan has read the story of Jesus' birth from the Bible. He read it this year from her Bible so she would listen.
The very first gift we opened as a family was Baby Jesus from the Nativity set. I think I will wrap up a Baby Jesus every year. I want Abby to truly understand that HE is our gift during this season. There is a couple in our Sunday School class that gave me this idea. They even wrap up the Baby Jesus from their OUTSIDE Nativity set. LOL!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Night Snowstorm!

This is what our house looked like within two hours of getting back home from my parents on Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful!! I loved it. We were going to head out to our Christmas Eve service at our church, but due to the weather, we changed our minds.

Then Stan went out later and took more pictures for me. It was snowing like crazy, you can't even see the sidewalks anymore.

Within minutes, my footprints were covered in the snow and you could only see his.

White Christmas here we come!!!

Christmas at Nana & Pops'

Christmas started at Nana and Pops' on Christmas Eve morning. We got up and headed out to Greenville. The DVD player in our car has been wonderful!! Abs isn't that fond of the new front facing car seat and the ability to watch Veggie Tales has made life in the car much easier for EVERYONE. :)

And it starts....
She wasn't too sure what to do with all these wrapped gifts.

With the help of Andrea, she was able to see all of her neat gifts.

She knew what this was right away. Probably because I've forced lady bugs on her, her whole life.

By now, she figured it all out. She knew once the paper came off, there would be a neat surprise in there.

This toy brought me all the way back to Antioch Baptist Church. I remember playing with one of these there.

We got the boys Star Wars costumes for Christmas. Caden wore his all day long and even asked Andrea if he could put it back on Christmas Day to open the rest of his gifts.

Everyone needs and Uncle David

Abby has become very good at making all of her animal noises. Here she is with her daddy practicing.