Thursday, May 26, 2011

Macy Kate's Baby Dedication

When Macy Kate was born, as I held her in my arms when everyone left the room, I prayed and thanked God for Macy and for the privilege to be the one to get to be her Mommy. Macy is God's, we just get to have her on loan. ;)

We had Macy's baby dedication service at our church on March 20th. This is where we stated publicly that we will do everything we can to raise sweet Macy in a Christan home and pray for the day that she will come to know our Lord as her own personal Savior. And it's a time for our church family to pray with us for guidance in this journey. Such a sweet day!

Here's Macy with Nana before the service!

Here we go, before the spotlight is on us. I'm praying at this point that Abby doesn't take off out of my arms and do major destruction to the stage.

Thanks Aunt Andrea for this capturing this moment for us during the prayer!

The pastor is still praying but from the looks of things, the four of us are not! LOL!

My sweet girls!

Abby called this her princess dress! I refuse to beg her to look at the camera anymore. One day when she is 30 and looking over all of these pictures, she'll wished she had looked at the camera and smiled!

I totally just said, "just take the picture."

Again, I'm the ONLY one OBEYING and SMILING!

Sweet precious Macy Kate

Take one of the family photo

Take two. Yes, Abby is holding a naked baby and a Mario.

She's such an angel!

I just don't think I could love my family any more! God is so good!

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Seneca said...

I pray God's best for you MK as well as Miss Abby. Thank you Jill and Stan for your obedience to the Father by putting your best foot forward to raise your sweet little girls His way.