Thursday, August 4, 2011


Not sure that Abby will be the next Michael Phelps, so we tried Gymnastics. She was definitely the prettiest little girl there.

She would try anything that didn't require her flipping or rolling over in any kind of way. Here she was supposed to put her hands on the little hand stickers and her feet on the wall. She tried it once and put one foot on the wall and refused to try it again.
She loved the trampoline, but wouldn't actually let her feet come off the trampoline, unless you were holding her hands and pulling her up. She would just bounce with her knees.

"Can you hold me please?"

Daddy and his baby girl

Daddy tries to help.

I should have taken a picture of her on the "balance beam". She loved it!! She also loved when they would sit together and sing songs. All the other circuits were not her favorite. LOL!! Look for more pictures to come of our Gymnastics adventures!

All pics taken 6-6-11

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