Monday, September 28, 2009

She's 11 months old!!!

Okay, well really, she's now almost 11 1/2 months old. I have been lacking on updating the blog lately, I'll TRY to do better. Until then, here she is!! Growing like a Weed!

I love this one!!

This is her new smile these days! so cute.
And yes, that is her new favorite toy in her hand.....a toothbrush.

Abby brush your teeth.

She's getting pretty good about finding "noses".
Looks like she found Mr. Bear's.

And she found his eyes.

"That's all folks!"

My sweet girl: I'm pretty late at writing this letter for you. But, better late than never. You are growing so much. I've already started thinking of your One year pictures and Bday party. I'm so excited that you are almost at this milestone, but so sad that it has all gone by way too fast.

You are constantly trying to eat the fireplace rocks. We tell you "No" and start towards you and then you think it's a game and take off. You love playing the "I'm gonna get you" game. You are such a sweetheart for your teachers at school. They always tell me all the funny things that you did each day.....Like when you OPEN MOUTH KISSED PJ! Oh dear. I almost fell out when then said this. I called your Daddy immediately, and he didn't think it was funny at all.

You have 4 teeth now. You survived your first double ear infection last month. You pull up on everything and let go. I'm afraid that walking is just around the corner for you. You've also started this new little "shy" face. It's so cute. I think it's funny too, because nothing about you is shy. You are just pretending. LOL!
You gibber-jabber all the time now. Sometimes, I just sit and listen to you and let you finish. I know you are really telling me this story, I just don't speak your language yet. I love it. I also love when the TV is on and you hear someone clap. Wherever you are, you start clapping and saying "Yeahhhhh".
We have a really busy next two weeks. I'm so excited to be your Mommy!! love you - as you say, your "mamamamama"

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Kelly BD said...

It is insane that she is almost a year old. It seems like just yesterday when she was a teeny, tiny thing. Now she is such a big girl. :)