Friday, March 4, 2011

Macy Kate is FOUR Months OLD!!!!

This season in our life is going by so fast!!
Isn't she JUST Precious?!

She's like, "another picture?"

Of course, I don't do much these days without this little helper. Here she was as my photo assistant.

"She's so cute!" - Abby
"Momma, save me!" - Macy

And yes, this little assistant can be quite bossy sometimes. :/
Here she was telling me how to set up the dog and frame. "Move it over Mommy."

My blue-eyed beauties!

And, my "assistant" wanted another shot!

My little Macy Kate - You've turned four months old awfully fast on us! You've already rolled over, twice. When Abby rolled over I was so excited, when you did, I'll admit I was a little sad. You''re gonna roll over...crawl...walk...jump...and run out of this house before I know it. :( But, we are so proud of how you are growing. You're doing great!! At your 4 month dr appt you weighed 14.1lbs (75th%), was 24.8 inches long (75th-90th%) and your head measured at 15.8 inches around (25th%). The dr thinks you'll be as tall as Abby in the next few years. :) He instructed you to start Sleeping Through The NIGHT! I'm not sure that you were really listening to him because you still are an every three hour kinda girl. We are praying for long restful nights though! (Please Lord hear our prayers.)

You are grabbing toys, loving your musical gym, and laughing every once in a while. Rice Cereal and you sleeping in your own bed are on the agenda for this next month. So far, you're doing great with both! You are going to "school" now and for the most part (as long as I'm back every 3 hours) you're good to go. :) And how could I forget, your slobbery smiles are truly the best!!

Oh my sweet Macy, I love you and your thighs! - love, Mommy


Seneca said...

The girls are beautiful in these pictures. Happy 4 months MK. And yes we should get the girls together.

Donkeyfunny said...

oh they are SO cute!!!

btw. just saw a comment you left back in 09' about my blog... (evidently I was keeping up with it well) I stopped blogging for a while. Working on getting it back online.