Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Sweet Granny Jewel

My sweet Granny Jewel passed away on February 11th and was buried on February 14th. Oh how I miss her dearly. I could sit here and write for days all the things that I remember and loved about Granny. And then once it's all written down, I could go on and on about the things to add to the list. She was Wonderful. Such a Jewel. But all in all, the perfect Granny!!

Here's my sweet Granny holding her namesake, Abby Jewel. Abby was only a few hours old in this picture. I kept Abby's name a secret until we had her, because I didn't want Granny to talk me out of naming her after her. :)

And then here is Granny meeting Macy Kate for the first time over Thanksgiving weekend 2010. Such a precious time for me. She didn't care about anyone else in the room that day, just wanted to hold the new baby. :) I went away from there knowing that Macy and Abby wouldn't ever know Granny like I did, but thankful for the wonderful grandparents that they have! They will make memories that they will treasure in their hearts, as I have with Granny.

Here's our group before the Funeral.

Granny had 17 Grandkids....

and 22 Great-Grandkids.
Aunt Retha's group

Uncle Ronnie's group

Aunt Cille's group

Aunt Rena's group

Aunt Dobber's group

The kids!
(ugh...I hate my camera, it's always blurry.)

Granny's plot, right by Paw-Paw's.

Such a bittersweet day.
We love and miss you terribly sweet Granny Jewel.

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