Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Hat and Easter Ham!!

This was Baby Girl's 1st Easter!! It was such a sweet little day. We enjoyed every minute of it, from the Easter Hat to the Easter Ham I made!

Here we are at Church. Our friend, Sarah took this picture for me. As you can see, Baby Girl was more than ready to head home and check on our Ham!

(drum roll please) Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!! Here it first cooked Ham! YUM!! Please don't give me a hard time about picking out the largest Ham in the store. Someone you all know very well is taking care of that. Honestly, I never even looked at the size. I was just proud that it really was a Ham and not a turkey or something else.


KathyD said...

Abby looks so cute! Did she keep the Easter Hat on?

Easter Ham looks good, too. It's about time you look one, since you are now 32. Next is turkey & dressing...I'll send you my recipe!


hwagnon said...

I was expecting a big Easter bow, but the hat is so cute....and so's the ham. Glad you had a fun family day.

Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

Oh my goodness, I love the hat! The ham though makes me terribly jealous! :) Caleb and I are sitting here watching Abby videos, and he's laughing so loud!

Jessica and Matt said...

Yeah, girl, she is a cutie! And what is Sister Mary Katherine talking about, "It's about time..."??? What the heck? I was serious when I told you I thought you should just go to Honey Baked Hams and buy one already made up!