Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!!

This past weekend Abby went to her first birthday party. Little Miss Audrey turned ONE!!

Here are the pretty girls posing!

Abby was so excited, she just had to scream!

"I'm gonna get you Audrey."

Our friend Roel is from Holland. I stood Abby up in some of his wooden shoes to see if they would fit. ;)

Here we go...the cake!

Audrey knew we were all jealous of her cake.

So sweet. Audrey was climbing all over her Grandad.

Abby took to Robyn and Roel right away. It was so neat to watch her. We hadn't seen them since she was born. I think she just knows good people when she sees them.

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KathyD said...

Too bad the shoes don't fit Abby, they match her dress perfectly!