Thursday, April 9, 2009

Loudest in her Class

"Okay Mom, she's officially the loudest baby in the class."

This is how I was greeted on Tuesday when I picked up Little Miss from school. Are you kidding me?! How can this precious, sweet face, little perfect baby be the loudest in her class?

She thought it was so funny that her teacher would even say that.

Here's a little video of us discussing her being the loudest baby.


Poefam said...

Mercy me, Jill...she is too cute for words!!! And that BOW!!!! I think that's the reason I MUST have a girl! PRECOIUS PRECIOUS!!!

KathyD said...

I love it!....... I wonder where she gets her "Loudness" from? Go figure!

AndreaK said...

That is hilarious! - Jill Please - the bow makes her head fall over!!!! LOL

hwagnon said...

What a sweetheart. This video is too precious. I can't stand to be so far away from her.