Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I put a strawberry in her little fruit eater and this girl went to town! She loved it. I had to take her clothes off because I'm quickly learning what gets messy and what doesn't.

Some things are so good that you just close your eyes and eat!

"Mama, want some?"

"And I just need some water to wash it all down."

Here was my strawberry dessert! It was just as yummy as Abby's.

It was hilarious watching her eat and enjoy sucking the juice out of not one, not two, but THREE strawberries.


Tracy said...

Adorable. Just got caught up on your blog. I loved the post about the chicken! Abby, you keep telling your mom and dad "no thanks" when they try to make you eat that yucky stuff!

mcadamsdc said...

Girl, how things change! What is a "fruit eater"? Your momma and I just gave yall the fruit! What a cutie!

hwagnon said...

Looks like she's getting the hang of the sippie cup!