Friday, July 24, 2009


I have so many blogs to post, but as of right now...this one is the most important. She Crawls!!!

I had her in the living room floor on her blanket this morning. She was playing and watching her Mickey Mouse Cartoon. All the sudden, I looked up and she was on the opposite side of her blanket by the couch, reaching up for my purse. I thought, how in the world did she get over there? Duh....she CRAWLED!!

Oh my goodness! I can't believe this. Our house is no where near ready for this little crawler.

I decided to make a few phone calls to brag on my little crawler, which then I didn't even see her crawl, but I knew she did. I was so excited for her and I could tell she was excited to. So then I reached my arms out to hold her and she crawled right into them. It was AMAZING!!

I knew last night she got into my purse and starting eating my receipt from dinner. I didn't know that she would try to go for that receipt in my purse again. But little Miss Determined wanted it and crawled right to it. Then to my arms just minutes later! My sweet little crawler!

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Aimee said... sweet!