Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Girl

Stan and I went on a marriage retreat over Valentine's weekend so we had to celebrate Valentine's Day early. She wasn't surprised. She was with me when I bought the presents and knew where I "hid" them. But she still appeased me and acted like she had never seen them before when I gave them to her.

She got a stuff puppy and a Veggie Tales DVD, "A silly little thing called Love"

So sweet, she was "reading" the cover of the DVD!

She LOVES puppies.

I just had to post this picture. I love this sweet laugh.

This is a new thing for us this month. I can't believe I caught it with the camera. When she is acting cute, she'll look over and cut her eyes. LOL!! I love it.

Happy Valentine's Day Sweet Girl! We love you!!


KathyD said...

So, So Cute!

Liz said...

Well, I had to Google it to find it, but I finally got connected again so I can read your blog and see the pictures of my favorite little red head! She is absolutely AAAA-DOR-A-BLE!!! I can't believe how much she is turning into a "Mini Me" of YOU!! ...especially the sideways look! So precious! Miss You, Girl!!