Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She thinks she's got a new purse!

Andrea gave me a small clutch that I use as a wallet. Abby loves this little purse. She will go through my bag and pull it out and take off with it. See below! :)

"What?? I don't have anything of yours."

"Bye Bye Momma. I'm going shopping."

"Oh, you need this?"

I kept asking for it back, this is how she answered me......

Beware, you may get dizzy watching this. I was having to scoot backwards the whole time as she was walking towards me.


AndreaK said...

Maybe I need to get her one of her own! LOL so stinkin' cute!

Jill said...

Yeah.....she LOVES mine! She has had it in her hands every day this week. She won't put it down. She drags it all around the house.

The Dave-O said...

You get that baby as MANY as she wants!!

Brianne said...

I love her! She's adorable!! Weird, Betty does the same thing when I ask her to say Momma. Wonder where they get that from?? So weird. Maybe one day they will say that precious word and our hearts will melt all over again. :)