Monday, May 3, 2010

18 Months Old!!

My sweet angel has turned 18 months old!

She was giving love to her sweet bear!

She looks so big here!

And the photo shoot is over because she's on the run!

Sweet girl - How time has flown. You are saying so much, "No way", "Okay", "What"..... Icould sit here and go on and on. You're slowly getting bigger. You weigh 21lbs and 9oz (10th%). Your height is 32.3 inches (75-80th%). And your head is 18.3 inches (50th%). Dr. G said at your 18th month appt that you are a tall and pretty girl. I couldn't agree more! "So cute" as you would say. :)

We are having some difficulty with your pickiness of what you want to eat, but I'm prayerful that you stay healthy. I love you angel, sorry to that this letter is so short! Life is busier for us these days!! love you - Momma

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Seneca said...

Abby is getting more and more gorgeous by the month.