Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#2 is 15 weeks along!

Yes, we are 15 weeks along and I haven't posted any belly pictures yet. I have been promised that I can go shopping and after that, I'll take a cute picture to post. Trust me, it's growing just as much as it did last time. whew! We had a recent scare and went to the dr, but were so happy to hear a heartbeat again of 163 beats per minute.

Things have been so busy lately with Stan's work, my work (part-time) and with little Miss growing like crazy, that it overwhelms me to think of a being a Mommy of two. But, as soon as I start to feel overwhelmed, I start to get so excited and feel so privileged to be chosen to be this little one's mommy.

So, it's been 15 weeks and we are quickly approaching the summer. Pray for me! ;)


Melissa said...

SOO excited for you and your family! I'm praying for you all. Miss you tons!

Melissa said...

So excited for you all! Truly Blessed! I'm thinking and praying for you. Miss you tons!

Carrie said...

Let me know when you need a ride to the lab to get blood drawn. I'm your girl. We might even stop at McDonald's. :-)