Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Christmas!!!

well, it WAS Christmas. I'm only a month late. At least I'm only ONE month behind on my pictures, it could be worse.

Good Morning Sweet Girl - Merry Christmas!!!

And this one must have heard Santa during the night. She was up every 3 hours on the dot! :)
Daddy was helping her find out what Santa left behind.

Santa couldn't have done a better job....Nemo and Tinkerbell! She ripped both of them out of the box and yelled, "NEMO!! Tinkerbell!!!" so sweet.

Here was Abby helping Macy opening her presents from Santa.

Sweet MacyKate with her Monkey.

And onto the best....CANDY!

I love this picture!! Santa gave her dum-dum's and a new toothbrush. LOL!

Either she is smiling at Daddy or at the Mylicon that Santa brought her.

Opening presents is exhausting!!!

Nemo did not leave her side. For the most part,she just had Daddy open all of her presents for her. She just wanted the gifts, not really into opening them.

New Rainboots!

New Umbrella!

Macy with a few of her new gifts.

Sweet Abby!

Thank you Santa for the hat and monkey mittens.

Here's her Christmas Breakfast: Honey Biscuit and Turkey Bacon. For those of you close to Abby, you know eating is not her best quality. She's not much a fan of the act like her Momma is. But a few bites she did eat.

One of our family traditions at Christmas is that Stan will read to us from the Bible the true Christmas Story, the birth of Christ. I love it. It's so so sweet. For the next few years, we'll keep reading the story out of a Bible that Abby and Macy will understand. So so precious.

God has blessed us immensely this past year. We are so thankful for his blessings but especially for the birth of our King, Jesus Christ.


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