Sunday, May 3, 2009

6 Month Check-up

I'm not sure why turning 6 months has been so hard on me, but it has. I guess I'm realizing that she WILL grow up on me. -sigh- But, here we are....she's 6 months old, healthy, happy, and Praise the LORD...she's sleeping more at night. Our sweet baby is just perfect and perfectly ours. We love her more than she'll ever know.

Turning 6 months is fun, until you have to go to the dr for the check-up. Here she was happy and content. The s-h-o-t-s came later. (boooooo!)

I need to get some of this paper. She loved it!
We learned that we could now start feeding her oatmeal and then try Baby Food. My sweet girl, could she really be old enough for all this?!

We also learned that we need to stop getting up with her in the middle of the night to hand her the paci. "Really?" I thought. "But how will she get it. She needs it to help comfort her." The dr seems to think that she should be old enough now to grab her paci all by herself and that she doesn't need me to hand it to her. Just one more way that she DOESN'T need me. ugh. He was killing me.

"Is she rolling over?" he asked. "No." I replied. "Well, are you making her?" What...making her. ""

So we are now practicing rolling over and sitting up and handing her the paci to put in her mouth herself. He was right, she's ready. She loves sitting up and has already rolled over all by herself. And she loves playing with all her paci's. And believe it or not, she CAN put it in her mouth by herself. who knew?! ;)

My sweet sweet 6 month old little girl!

Weight: 15.2 lbs (25-50%)
Height: 26.3 inches (75-80%)
Head: 16.3 inches (25-50%)
Overall: A+


hwagnon said...

Such a great picture - what a way to start my week. thanks

The Johnson Junket said...

Hey Jill, just FYI, Audrey can't find her pacifier at night so if she wakes up, she SCREAMS because she can't find it. Mainly b/c she pushes it to her feet and it's dark so she can't see it.
Abby is doing great, so obviously you guys are doing something right!