Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Her Swirl has turned into a Curl

Little Miss has a very distinguished Cow-lick in the dead center of her head. It is just precious and I love it. As her hair starts to grow more and more, the swirl has been "swirling" upwards into a curl. So so so cute!

As she was playing with her baby, I noticed that they had the SAME HAIR!!

Here they are....Best Buds!

Abby was trying to win the "who can slobber more" contest.
She won.

Here she was teaching her baby how to be flexible.


KathyD said...

So cute! Love these pictures!

hwagnon said...

How precious. I can hardly wait to see her again. Love her curl!

AndreaK said...

She's already learned to cut those eyes! I love it!

Leslie said...

Her swirl is a curl! Landry said that's how you knew Abby was going to be a girl ... because her curl showed up on the ultrasound!