Thursday, May 7, 2009

Abby's first food......Peas

Dr. G said we could start Baby Food. So we began with Peas. I think...I KNOW Abs was more excited about her new stain-proof bib.

Here we go! She loved the packaging.

The first bite. I thought I was going to lose her. LOL!! She started gagging and shaking. It was awful. And I'm a horrible mother, I sat there and laughed so hard.

This was taken during a shake! hehehee

Here's a little video of Abs eating her first Baby Food....Peas.

This one is Abby learning to say "I'm not going to eat that" in Abby style.


AndreaK said...

That poor baby! Hilarious!!!

KathyD said...

My, how baby food packaging has changed since you ate it! I used to buy about 30 jars per week of that stuff.

When I tried to feed her last Saturday, she was pre-occupied with that same bib and not too interested in the food. I think she'd rather chew on her shoes and bibs instead of peas.

hwagnon said...

The peas video was hilarious! When she gets a little bigger, her Daddy can show her how to eat peas by making a birds nest with mashed potatoes & peas. That's the only way he would eat them. Thanks for the great pictures and videos.

Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

LOL!!!! Caleb didn't like peas either. But Abby was HILARIOUS with her "no peas, thanks!"

Seneca said...

Pic #7 is priceless. We know what she's thinking without her saying one word.

Tess Jones said...

LOL, this was so funny. I guess our girl is crazy, she loves peas and green beans, but hate the sweet stuff.