Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary trip to Naples!!

Stan and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary last week in Naples, FL. It was heavenly!!!

Here's a picture of the pool/beach at our hotel.

This would happen alot. It would be sunny one moment and storming the next.
Can you see the tornado in this picture? Me neither.
But I PROMISE it was there, skipping across the ocean.

Our friends, Craig and Amanda, went with us!

Here I am!! Ready for the Everglades trip.
This hat went everywhere I went, we were on vacation together.

Yep, holding a baby alligator.

UGH....this stupid bird only made the blog because it almost ruined my Everglades trip. These stupid pelicans would fly onto our air boat and wait for the driver to feed them fish. They were gross and huge. AND, the stupid thing even HIT me in the back of the HEAD with it's wing. disgust.
And we're off. I decided to not wear my hat on the trip. I didn't think it would fit under my headphones.

Captain Bob, Amanda and Craig

The Everglades

It had rained just before we loaded up. The water was extremely still and reflective.

Besides over a million mosquitos, a few crabs, those stupid pelicans and a few other birds....this was it. The ONLY alligator we got to see.

Here we are at dinner on our last night.

Good bye ocean for now. I'll see you again soon!!

Happy Anniversary Sweetie!! Thank you for our trip!

Oh and yes, this was my first major trip away from Abs. I was a basket case when she left to stay with her Granny and PaPa. I called at least 2-3 times a day just to check in on her. And all throughout the day, I would tell Amanda and the guys what Abby should be doing right about then. We had a blast and I know she did too!


amy said...

Looks like you had a nice Anniversary. Everything went well with the reception for Pam. We had lot's of cookies left. I like the new look of the blog page. Much easier to read.

Mandy said...

Yes, we stayed at the Edgewater...small world. Wasn't it beautiful!!! It feels like you are on a caribbean island! Glad you had fun. Happy Anniversary.

Seneca said...

happy anniversary to you and Stan Jill. Looks like you guys had a good time. I probably would have tried to kick the bird off the boat.

Jessica and Matt said...

Omg--beautiful pool/beach area! Looove the hat (looks a little like you're going to the Kentucky Derby), the bird does look seriously disgusting (glad you survived the attack), I didn't realize you were serious about your "Everglades trip" until seeing the pics (soooo cool!), the alligator looks hungry (glad you survived that, too), and I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the trip so much!!! I know you and Abs both are happy to be reunited (...and it feels so gooood!).

Love you!!