Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ummmm Abby....who's gonna pick those up?

I'm in the kitchen cleaning. I yell, "Abby, where are you?" No response. Again, "Abby, where are you?" No response. Not even a little giggle like she does when she's under the table and wants me and my big self to crawl under there and get her. So, I go to our bedroom closet. She's usually hiding in there eating my red high heels, I know it's gross, but true. Not there. So I head to her room. Trust me, not many places in our huge mansion to hide in. On my way, I hear what sounds like a little mouse in the bathroom. Yep, it's a little mouse all right. Abigirl thought she would pull out all of the Q-tips out of the drawer for entertainment.

Here's my little mouse sitting in all the damage.

She takes a break to read the label on the lotion bottle.

Right when I saw this, I ran and got my camera. I took a video of her. This was taken before she even knew I watching. Hilarious!! I hate that my memory ran out on my camera before I finished the video. But it's still funny!!


KathyD said...

I think she went into fast mode, when she saw you were watching. She knew she had to get them all out of there before you moved her.


Taylor said...

Oh my goodness!! :-) Could she be any cuter?!

Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

Ha ha ha!!! If only you could convince her it's just as fun to put them back!

Laura said...

LOVE this Jill! Goodness, she's such a doll!