Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pops' Chicken Pin

Abby loves it when her Pops makes the "chicken noise". She thinks it's so funny. We took her out the other day to see the "real" chickens in the chicken pin.

Pops was asking Abby here if she wanted to pet one.....gross. (video below)

The little cowgirl is admiring all the stinky chickens.

This is the EXACT reason why I do not eat chicken off of the bone. GROSS. They walk in their poop all day long. That chicken leg you folks eat, call it the poop leg and eat away! yuck.

Andrea and I were more scared of the chicken than Abby was. LOL!!


Donkeyfunny said...

poop leg!!! pa-haAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Seneca said...

Abby is soo brave!!!

Matt Burk Music Studio said...

poop leg. nice. Why can't I watch the video???