Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Party Wrap Up!

We threw Abby a Birthday Party on Sunday. Yes, her Bday was last Monday, but who cares. Everyone needs more than one day to celebrate their Bday. She had two parties and a week full of Birthday fun!!

Here were her sweet little cakes!

Here's a picture of some of the decorations. I put on display all 12 of her monthly pictures.

Here's the birthday girl with her Nana. She wasn't too thrilled about the hat and it looks like she's telling Nana all about it!

She was constantly pulling the hat off and I was constantly putting it back on! :)

Oh dear. And yes, Christopher wasn't thrilled about his bday hat either! :(
Presents time!
Yes, the football game was on the whole time.

One of her favorite gifts. Minnie Mouse!
She immediately gave her kisses.

Abby took a small break from opening presents and went to grab Nana's phone. I hope it still works. Please notice that she is chewing on the phone in this picture. Don't worry, I kept going. I love opening presents, even if they aren't for me!

I love this picture!!
Doesn't she look sooooo pretty!

She wasn't too sure why we were all singing to her.
But I think she LOVED the attention.

Just like a princess, she ate the cake bite by bite. Barely even making a mess. She even used a fork a time or two.

Daddy and his little One Year Old!

Mommy and her little One Year Old!!

Abby, are you One?!

Oh goodness, I still can't believe she is One. It still makes me sad to think about it. The dr told us at her last appt that she needs to be off the bottle completely by 15 months. He's killing me. Seriously, she's my baby. She already changes so much day by day. And now he's forcing me to make her grow up and drink independently.'s to more years full of happy tears.

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