Friday, October 23, 2009

She's 12 months old!!!

Here's her stats at her 12 months appt:

Weight: 19.6 lbs, 25%

Height: 30 inches, 90%

Head: 17.8 inches, 70%

My sweet Abby:
I can not believe the day has finally come where you are 1 year old. Monday was bittersweet for me. It's so exciting to watch you grow up, but I'm sad that it's all happening all so fast.

You are so much fun these days!! Your daddy taught you how to fake laugh. Everyone needs a good fake laugh. Yours is GREAT! You have a mouth full of 5 teeth and show them in your smile is the sweetest thing. I think you think that is how you need to smile these days, because you do it all the time. Gritting your teeth is the new "no" in our house. It gives your daddy the chills every time you do it. I'm just afraid you are going to break them off.

You are not walking yet which is great for me. But you are still really fast with that crawling. I can open the laundry door (one of the rooms you are not allowed in) and I will hear those little knees and hands crawling as fast as you can to the laundry room. :) You will pull yourself up on anything and stand there and look at me. I just don't want you to walk yet. That's just one more "baby" thing that you are releasing as you grow up.

You wave and say "Hi" all the time now. "Quack Quack" and "Oh Wow!" are two of your new sayings. Your teachers told me that you talk all the time. Much more so than the other kids. (I'm not sure why?) You talk so much that you refuse to take a nap or eat your bottle for them. You like to eat your finger foods because you can socialize as you eat with your friends.

Sweet girl...I know that we will have many many more years together, but I can never get this year back. Thank you for one of the most exciting years of my life. The joy you have brought me is amazing. I love you dearly!! - forever love, your Momma


hwagnon said...

Sweet,'re a great Mom and I'm very thankful for you.

Carrie said...

I can't believe it! It seems like yesterday we were running around to get lab work and driving through McDonalds! Now she's such a big girl. Time flies so fast! Enjoy the ride, friend.

Kelly BD said...

It doesn't seem possible that it has been a year!