Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Festival Fun!!

We took our little Lady Bug to our church's Fall Festival this past week.

Group Shot

The little bug is ready to go.

"Daddy will you just carry me? My outfit is slowing me down."

She wasn't that thrilled about her outfit and didn't quite know what to think of all the people. But one thing is for sure, she LOVED the petting zoo. I wouldn't let her go in there, because there was way too many people. So she just enjoyed it from outside the fence.

heheehe. Stan said, "Save the drama for your llama."

Our friend Kimberly picked up this sweet bunny so that Abs could get a close-up look at her.

My friend Jennifer and Superman (her little boy Danny). He was intrigued by her antennas.

My sweet girl. We ended up leaving early. I felt bad for her, she hated her costume and kept acting like she was "stiff-necked" the whole time. Thanks for sticking it out for me sweetheart!!

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