Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween from Mario, Luigi and the little Lady Bug

Mario and Luigi came over to go Trick or Treating last night. The little Lady Bug ended up not going Trick or Treating with the boys. Once she realized that Nana was at her house, she was not leaving for anyone.

Here's our crew!!

"Mario, can I borrow your hat?"

"Luigi, what are you doing with that mustache?"

Every time I turned around these two were jumping and posing just like they were in the actual Nintendo game.

Things that were said over and over during our Trick or Treating Outing:
1. Say "Trick or Treat".
2. Don't double dip and get more candy.
3. Say "Thank You."
4. Walk on the sidewalk.
5. Don't be scared, he's only dressed up.
6. Nope, they are not home. (Even though I KNOW they were home because we saw them through the window.)
7. Drew, wait for Caden.
8. I'm not Caden, I'm Luigi.
9. No, they did not poison the candy.
and finally,
10. The dogs in our neighborhood do not have teeth.

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Clark Family said...

So cute! I love the sayings that you have that were said throughout the night!