Monday, November 9, 2009

First Mav's Game

Andrea had a birthday party at the Mav's game this past weekend. What a great first experience for Abby, watching the game in a suite!! Although I didn't see the game at all until the last quarter, we had a great time. I was fine though, all the food was on the inside. The only available seats left in the suite were inside where you couldn't see the game. Once people started trickling out, I made my way to a closer seat.

Abby with the Birthday girl

Abby loves her some Drew!

She had her eyes on her Nana the whole time.

"Mommy, can I go see Nana now?"

As the night went on, Abby started getting really tired. Here she is relaxing with Daddy. He was inside watching the OU game. She's took his phone away from him and was showing him the buttons on his shirt. He was also on the internet on his phone. (This boy can't just watch one game at a time.)

"Hey Drew, just text me! I got a new phone."

Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep in Uncle Dave's arms.

Looks like another one was asleep too.

Such a great time! I haven't been to a Mav's game in such a long time. It was great to be able to go again. Especially in "suite"style.

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