Friday, November 20, 2009

She's 13 months old!!

My sweet girl is 13 months. I bet you all thought that I would stop doing these monthly posts after she turned 12 months....nope! I decided to not do the sign, but the posts will still continue. That is, as long Miss Abby will let me. She's getting so hard to photograph these days!

"Momma, that flash is too bright!"

"I'm tired of this already."

"okay, okay. Just one more."

"Does he need CPR? He's not moving."

Sweet girl - I can tell you have such the imagination these days. You play all the time and just talk away, regardless if I'm in the room or not. Speaking of not being in the room...the moment I walk are into EVERYTHING. You can not be trusted to be alone! ;) You've changed so much lately. One of the biggest changes is you hold your own bottle. I was a little sad at first, but then was so proud of your independence. You hum and sing and dance to every song you hear. You love to wave hi and bye to everyone, especially when you see Minnie Mouse or the picture of your classmates on the fridge. You need to tell them "hi" everyday. It's also not uncommon for me to hear you say "hi" and "bye" when I'm on the phone with someone. You're getting pretty good at your sign language. When I say pretty good, I mean you do the sign for "more" for everything. Eat, more, please, etc. Your learning though.

I love to hold onto you. You love to give hugs, and that makes it that much more fun to hold you. I know you are growing up right before my eyes. I'm sure we will have tougher times ahead and I pray for God's guidance during those times. I've had to swat your hand twice now. Once for chewing on the phone charger and when I took it away, you bit me, and once for pushing all the buttons on the TV. I know that this is just part of the deal, but I'm praying everyday for you sweet angel to make good decisions. You love it when your friends come over or you go to see them. You love company. :) And I'll end with one of the sweetest things. Your teachers told me you literally crawled out of your pants the other day. LOL! You're still pretty tiny and your an expert crawler, which equals, crawling out of them! I loved it!
I love you sweet girl! Thank you for fun days, everyday! - love your Momma

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