Monday, March 22, 2010

17 months old!!!

Oh my, another month has passed us by. Another month gone. :( Here she is....our little 17 month old baby girl!

We went outside to take some of our 17 month pictures and so that you can see what's left of our Spring Snow! It was so crazy. We got at least 6-7 inches. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone here. Again, I'm a few days late at these, but that's the story of my life these days.
It's impossible to get her to look at the camera!

She is so cautious at walking. She is very careful at walking on the sidewalk, especially as she crosses the sidewalk seams. She just inches over them. :)


We went back inside and took a few more pics. She loves the bear so much, especially his nose!!

Here she was looking at the TV telling me to put in Veggie Tales.

My sweet big girl!

At least one of them has learned to smile at the camera.
Thank you Mr. Bear!

This was funny. She was telling the bear to say "Cheeeese."

Then she decided to start saying "cheeeeeese". We were in the waiting room of the dr's office and she grabbed my camera and was walking around saying "cheeeeese" and pointing the camera at everyone else waiting. She's our little entertainer!

Abigirl!! - You just won't stop growing, will you?! It's so amazing to watch you. You are always putting on a show. You love to sing and dance along with your movies and love it more when you realize that we are watching you. With putting on that show has come in recent days, the fit throwing episode. Oh my, your daddy and I last night weren't sure where our little Abby went. This girl that didn't want to go to sleep went crazy on us. Both of us locked ourselves in your room to try and calm you down and we think you really thought you were going to crawl out from under the door and escape. Finally, all was better and our sweet girl crawled up in my lap. But, whew, for a second there we were wondering what in the world happened to you! LOL!

You love writing these days. Give you a pen, marker, highlighter, crayon...anything that writes and you're not supposed to have and you will be happy for at least 30 minutes or so. You love to draw. It's so cute too when you put your right hand on the paper and with your left hand try to trace it. We aren't sure, but we think you may be left handed. You eat, write and grab everything with your left hand. Daddy says that girls who are left handed are usually really good at volleyball. Who knows?! I'm sure if you end up right handed he'll have another sport ready lined up for you to play! :) You've been sick alot this month, but we are praying that God heals your little ears and we get our sweet, healthy, happy baby back soon!!

Love you sweet girl. I can't believe in one month, you'll be 1 1/2 years old!!!! love you - your Mommy


Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

She's getting so grown up! And she's beautiful!

KathyD said...

Love the one where she's telling the bear to say "cheese!"