Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Basket and Eggstravaganza

We had our Easter Egg Hunt (THBC Eggstravaganza) at our church this past weekend, so I went ahead and let Abby open her Easter basket. Actually, she's already played with the Cabbage Patch Bunny several times, but she didn't remember. The baby looks black in these pictures, but she's really white. Not that I wouldn't buy my baby a black baby. lol!!!!

She hugged and kissed her "new" baby.

Although she loved the baby, she loved the fake grass more!

But the Bee was her FAVORITE! She carried it with her all day.

Here we are at our church ready to hunt our eggs. Well, she was doing here what she came to do. Walk as fast as she can away from us!!

This was before Abby's age Egg Hunt....or Egg Gather. I mean really, how do you possibly hide 11,000 eggs?! You don't. You just throw them all out and say go for it! :)

Once she saw all those "balls" she was ready to get down.

Here we go. :)
She knew right away what to do! After she would put an egg in her basket, she would start clapping! so sweet. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that Abby refuses to walk on grass. She is just way to cautious for that. So, she would not walk around and get the eggs. I had to put them in front of her and then she picked them up. :)

More eggs. She had to sit down for this one.

After she put about 8 eggs in her basket, she was finished and ready to get out of that grass!

Here's Caden during his Egg Hunt!

We had to wait an hour before Drew's hunt started so we tried to take a Grandkid Picture.

And then we tried again. :)

I couldn't believe what I was seeing here. Our "little" Drew was watching after Abby. Is he really old enough to watch over her???!!?

We had a great day with our family!! Stan has been gone for a week now and we were getting bored with ourselves. After the egg hunt we went out to eat, then Wal-mart (of course), then to the mall for Easter Dress shopping for Abs. Once we got home, we (especially me) were exhausted. We took a nap and woke up energized and missed our family as they had gone home!. :(
Thanks for coming to see us at the Eggstravaganza!!!


Lisa said...

You have such a cutie! That is hilarious that she won't walk on the grass. Caden looks so much like Andrea in that last group shot.

Rick, Niki, and Caleb said...

LOL!!! She won't walk on grass! I love it!

I can't believe how big Drew and Caden are. That is unbelievable. Will our babies really be that big some day?