Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our new PJ's

Abby's Aunt Andrea gave her the cutest PJ's. Just had to get a few photos of them for Nana!

Look at the sweet little curls in the back of her head. I'm afraid with her first haircut, those curls will be gone! :(

This is the game we have started to play before bedtime. The "I'm gonna run out of the room and wait for you to catch me" Game

Mommy usually just sits there and doesn't play the game. So, she'll come back and try to get me to chase her again.

Thank you Aunt Andrea!!!


AndreaK said...

Oh My! And we thought they wouldn't fit! She is getting to be such a Big Girl! I'm glad my sweet baby loves her PJ's!!

KathyD said...

I see she can stick her arm in between the rails and get whatever she wants from her bed, as long as it will fit between the rails. It won't be long she'll be climbing over them.