Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trip to Bartlesville

Stan had his Conference Basketball Tournament in Bartlesville and Abby and I went to see him. He had been gone a long time and we missed him dearly. The original plan was to fly, but a double ear infection decided for us that the best thing to do was pack up and drive the 5 hour trip! Overall she did great, the last hour was pretty tough though.

Two hours into it, this was what I found in the back seat.
A sleeping baby......precious.

Here she was walking around like she was 'big-time'. Notice her ALL ACCESS pass around her neck. One of the perks of knowing the Commissioner, ALL ACCESS.

Then she felt the need to go and inspect all of the banners Daddy had made. She would walk by each one and slap it. I think she was testing the durability. Oh, and yes, that's my purse again. :)

Then she had to go by the merchandise booth and see how the volunteers were working. She couldn't believe they had nothing in her size to sell her.

And her favorite, she went by the Pom-Pom stand. Not to get a Pom-Pom, but to take them ALL out of the box and leave Mommy to pick them all up!!

This was her the whole time, on the move!

Then the moment we couldn't wait to see, Daddy passing out the tournament trophies!! We were so proud!

I looked down for a second to grab Abby and missed the shot of him giving the winning team the trophy. Oh well, it all happened so fast. At least we were there!

We headed back Sunday and Abby pretty much watched her movies and cuddle with her new bunny the whole time.

We had a fun time on our little road trip. It was so good to see Daddy. He had worked so hard on this tournament and it was great to see people enjoying themselves. We are so proud of him and thankful he works so hard for us. :)

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