Thursday, June 10, 2010

$4 Pool and $.25 Popsicle = F-U-N

On Abby's last day of school, I bought her a little pool to enjoy. It was only $4 and I was hoping to be able to sit in it with her. The picture on the box REALLY misrepresented the truth. This pool is TINY and is only big enough for her and maybe a foot of mine. I also got us (yes, us!) some Popsicles. YUM YUM YUM. She ate hers in the pool, which was extremely helpful when it came to clean up time. Because by then, there wasn't any clean up time; she took care of everything for me in the water. :)

Please notice her water toys: a magic bubbles bottle, a rain gauge, and a plastic cup.
No need for me to buy her anything fancy.

Afterwards, it was time to dry off and and wait for Daddy to come home. Here she is playing with my phone. She has her own Dr. Seuss app.

When Daddy arrived, she wanted another "sicle". I caved in and got her one. Little did I know she would eat his too. 3 Popsicles in one day!!


Evan and Nicole said...

Precious! Love the idea of eating the popsicle in the pool!

Can't wait to hear what you are having!!!!

KathyD said...

Worth every bit of $4.25!