Monday, June 7, 2010

She's 19 months old....almost 20 months old

I know, she's about to turn 20 months old. But at least I did take the pictures on the day she turned 19 months......just took me a while to post them. :)

I took her pictures in the back yard to show off our of new fence that Stan, his dad and my dad assembled together. :)

My sweet girl!

Precious girl - I'm not as good at these monthly write ups as I want to be. Not only am I late, but I feel like I'm always in a hurry. :( But, I'll write a quick little note for you. You are growing every day. Your hair is getting so long. Your daddy keeps asking me when are we going to cut it. I keep responding, we're not! This month was your last month as school. I hope that you have as much fun with me over the summer as you do at school. You are our little will say anything we say. Some things good, and some not so good. LOL!

I love you angel! - Lots of blog posts to complete so I better go. love you, Momma

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Lisa said...

I am so impressed at how you have kept up with the monthly bear pictures. Way to go Momma!!