Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last days of school

What a great year it has been for our Abby!! She absolutely loved going to school. Here's a few pictures I took on her last days.

Abby with her chalk artwork.
Her scribbles are the green scribbles.

Here's a little journey on how we would get inside the building each morning.
1. Crawl up the step - with no help from Momma.

2. Crawl down the step - with no help from Momma - and admire your pretty shoes.

3. Stop and notice the kids playing on the playground, saying "Play Play Play".

4. Won't walk up the ramp or the steps. Chooses to go up the middle step, that your not supposed to walk on.

5. Sees a small little blue sofa and decides it looks comfy.

6. Takes a second to admire the blue pleather.

7. When we finally got to her room, her class wasn't there. And we were off again to try and find the group.
Thank you Ms. Adrianne, Ms. Ann and Ms. Laura for a wonderful year and for taking such good care of my sweet Abby.