Monday, February 28, 2011

Macy's first day of "school"

We call it school, but it's more like "play school" or "can you just watch her while I work a couple of hours and I'll be back down to feed her school" AND we love it!! She was supposed to start Feb 1st, but due to the TX Winter Snow Storm, we started a week later.

All dressed up and ready to go!

She's getting excited!

And even more excited!!

Even Abby was excited for her. "It's almost as fun as this car seat toy!"

When I found out her main teacher was going to be Ms. Adrianne, I literally screamed. I was so excited!! Ms. Adrianne was Abby's teacher last year and is a wonderful teacher. Although in Macy Kate class they pretty much just hold, rock, and coo at the babies, Ms. Adrianne is the best holder, rocker and coo-er around!! :)

It was a little difficult on Macy at first, she didn't quite understand why I was leaving. She hasn't really stayed with anyone very long without me being around, but she's learning that I'll be back. I tell her she's my job. I have to come back or I'll get fired. It's been a couple of weeks now and she is getting better. I still nurse her so I think they just remind her when she starts to get upset, that I'll be right back. :) literally. When they call me, I'm down there in 2, 3 minutes MAX. :) It's perfect!

Love our school!!

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