Sunday, February 6, 2011

My 34th Birthday!

Stan and I went out on the Friday before my Birthday and celebrated our birthdays (his was the 9th and mine was the 29th of January) at the Cirque du Soleil show "Ovo". It was a great great show, even though the whole thing was about a bunch of bugs and an egg. LOL! I loved it! I told Stan that I thought watching this would help me want to start working out or doing gymnastics or something. Man, they are amazing!! It was also opening night and they were giving out free popcorn and sodas. Which went great with all the candy we bought at Walgreens and stashed in my huge purse. We didn't want to have to buy snacks there so we brought some with us. Double Score!!

This is the only picture I got of the night. I think I embarrassed Stan by breaking out my camera. This shot was taken as we were walking in and Stan was leaving me behind. LOL!

Then Saturday my mom and I headed to Fairfield to visit with some family. It was the first time Leslie, Tina and I have gotten together with our babies. And trust me, this picture was a lot harder to take than it looks.

Little Miss Blue Eyes...Abby and Melanie

This is cute! Barrett is like, "Ohhh, wait. Let me go see what I can get out of that drawer"

Aunt Cille with her favorite grandson, Zach! Leslie and Dave did a good job; he's a cutie!

Aunt Cille with Macy and Melanie

Abby being in true form here. Hanging out with Adults, not the kids. AND, bribing Leslie to eat her lunch for her so that she didn't have to eat it.

Macy is 1 month older than Zach.

"Watch out Zach! Here she comes!!!"

Such a great time in Fairfield. Turning 34 hasn't been that bad. Gotta great husband, two precious kids, great family, great is great! :) Except for the number 34, I wish it still said 31 or 27 or something lower than 34. ;)

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Seneca said...

Happy belated birthday Jill. Wish we weren't saving for the house. Otherwise, we would be able to see Ovo. Glad you guys had a great time.